Healing & Being Healed: Look To The Heart!

You have to know that non-local healing is really a thing. It works. There is just too much documented evidence in favor, and real research is being undertaken at the highest levels. You have to know that there is no ‘special’ technique – that it is the power of your own love that is going to do the job far better than anyone else could ever do for you. That it is your very own mental and emotional connection to the subject of the operation, yourself or another, that is going to lend to a far more powerful result than asking anybody else to do the operation for you – including a personal God. Of course there is surrender; that is different from petition.

And still that isn’t to say that every ailment can be healed either. Sometimes it’s just time, because that’s what the body does, in time. But particularly those ills that fall upon us outside of the constancy of time, those might be affected by the well-placed and focused intention.

The secret to sending out your energy on a prayer is, simply, within your own powers of visualization and imagination. This is a ‘secret’ of Tantra. Your own innate ability to visualize reality, as it is, and as it ‘might be’ in accordance with the Will of Nature. Surely it’s a fine line of discrimination.

Whatever that image is that allows you to raise your emotional frequency and do the work – Use it. You don’t need special training. But you do need practice. Just do it. Sit yourself down in prayer or meditation and focus. Pick up the image of the object of your healing intention, of the suffering, of the condition of the body – see it. And see the interaction of your own thought forms with that object’s body and mind. Let the visualization take any form that allows you to stay with it and generate the intention/feeling that you know is going to lend to the healing.

This is also the secret of moving the personal life force, aligned with a pattern of breath, along the nadis and through the channels, to invigorate and ignite the centers of being at every level.

There once was a famous guy who said something about faith the size of a mustard seed. There really is something to that. Oh, and heaven being with in you. Imagine! Heaven within YOU! We are all innately empowered to Create, in alignment with our nature, that seed of God at the center of us all, and the Mother Nature, that spark that gives life to the seed.

What if I told you that the true Twin Flame manifestation is the one right at the heart of YOU.

We are all enabled with fundamental capacities and limitations. The psychophysical organisms that we are respond to habituation and time. Real health and healing is a spiritual path, a real life path that offers you rejuvenation and vitality, joy according to your personal vision. If you are strong and clear enough to engage this idea that you are freedom in a body, endowed with will and choice, then you might like to consider the Health & Healing Challenge in my program library. Great good fortune going forward regardless.