“Yantra” Magic!

All magic is black magic if not aligned with the Will of God. The most pertinent question then, of course, becomes: ‘What is the Will of God’ and how might one know something like that? Keep in mind that one of the most fundamental rules of the Nature of Magical Operations is: Thou shalt not influence another against their will. With these ideas in mind, you ought to be able to safely proceed with your experimentation.

At the outset it should be understood that Yantra magic is benevolent. Many methods of use are similar to sigil magic and other invocation involving sacred diagrams or as used in charms to ward or call. The Yantra should be understood to be a symbol of devotion, very much like a Jew will wear a Star of David with a particular affection for the same. The power and result of your ritual will be in accord and alignment with your Love.

  • Draw a Yantra in the pit of the dhuni. Charge it with an appropriate mantra. Build your fire and make your offerings. The powers that be will respond or not.
  • Place a Yantra behind a candle flame. Gaze at it. Let the image burn into your mind’s eye. Close your eyes and focus on it. The archetypal symbol will mingle with your subconscious allowing you to merge with that God form, revealing mysteries, answering questions, enabling healing, providing knowledge and more.
  • Let that Yantra be as a ward on your home, like the Jewish mezuzah, the witch’s pentagram, the Catholic’s fish, the Taoist’s bagua.

What is the use of having a yantra tacked up to your wall when the Lord is within you and everywhere around you? If you are involved in ritual magic, you are operating for a reason. Either that, or the little I is still looking for something. If still looking, then the symbol can help you unlock the mind and guide you. Just having it tacked up on the wall will be a constant reminder until you realize the truth. Otherwise, as a symbol of devotion to focus on while the power of your Bhakti develops, your love and devotion, until that day when you no longer need a reminder and that love is as real as your very own skin.

There’s quite a lot to yantra, mantra and tantra. As always though, what’s the objective?