“Must” the Spiritual Path Really Be Walked Alone?

Buying your first home is a challenge! There are details and details all the way up to closing the deal and moving in. When you address this challenge, you probably won’t hesitate to ask for help from certain consultants, bankers, lawyers, realtors, friends – even peripheral experts on your career path (gotta pay the mortgage after all), school board, PTA moms – all sorts of people you’ll take advice from and try to figure your way through the challenge of this major lifestyle tweak on the way to creating your personal path of joy.

So why is it that so many people would rather walk the spiritual path alone? Thinking there is no advice to be had from outside, no lessons to to be learned, no shortcuts to know. The wheel must be reinvented. This is my journey alone; nobody has ever experienced what I’m experiencing. Trading resources, money, consultation, study has nothing to do with this – all the answers are within me! These are common refrains.

Amino acids are within you, too. Do you know how many? Do you know how they help you grow? Do you know how you might use them, supplement them, what the signs are that you might be deficient? Would you ever consider hiring a nutritionist to help you get clear? A gym membership? A personal trainer? Or at least a magazine. Sure you’ll Google, right? But will you ask the right questions of the right professionals?

It’s not a leap to consider many will consult on physical issues like the above. We start seeing some deep resistance when it comes to the psychological layers. Stress management consultations. Deep psyche probing. People want to do their shadow work on their own. Psychologists are part of the system. They just want to medicate you! Some common refrains… Some will see the benefit of working with a solid professional of a therapist sometimes, too.

But take this to the metaphysical and suddenly we’re like :

No! Knowledge is free; it’s all inside. It can’t be learned or studied.

What’s up with this? Where are you drawing the lines? And why?

No matter the path, someone’s walked it before us. No matter the art, someone’s expressed it before us. Not like us, but unique only goes so far, and is only as deep as personal perspective. Challenges have all been experienced, questions have all been asked.

Don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance on any idea, physical or metaphysical. Chances are very good that there’s a hand out there waiting to take yours.