It’s What Strings Do!

Is it called String Theory because that’s what Strings do?

Do you know what I mean? You drop a few strings on the ground and what will they do? They’ll tangle up with each other as if they’ve got a mind of their own, right? Unless you treat them delicately.

Drop your standard earphones into your backpack, or even toss them on the desk – what happens? They immediately tangle themselves into knots. Unless you’ve treated them intentionally.

Almost as bad as the sock that goes missing from the laundry machine – quantum what do you call this one? Strings seem to mirror the ten-dimensional personalities of the theorists who describe them. Or is it the other way around?

Are you following the thread of this line of inquiry? I’m treating it as delicately as I can. And yet with every word forward the whole intention threatens to blow up in my face as any one of the strings herein, the words, or more to point, the inherent spirit in each word, leans precariously towards any one of those dimensions, only reined in on the precipice of the pre-fired synapse, by the impeccability of the operator wielding the string. Energy art.

This is what strings do, if you let them get away from you. And String Theorists analyze all that and turn the analysis into practical application. A fine musician might resonate with a fine string instrument and coax a creation into being – the mystical tulpa; ah, now there’s a string. Or is it the harmonic that string produces?

Kundalini, Twin Flame, Truth & Lies, Buddhas at Gas Pumps, Decay & Growth – perspective and Truth. Energy artistry.

Can there really be any order given to the chaos, or purpose derived from the meaningful interaction of the tangents? What does it really mean to raise energy within a system? Within a physiological system, a psychological system? The psycho-physical system living within the great metaphysical system – my, but there’s a can of strings waiting to be released on Pandora’s own breath.