Approach the “Spiritual Path” with Integrity!

To be able to discern properly, to parse and unpack the messaging is rather crucial when ‘communicating with the guides’. Further, the impassioned aspirant to ‘spiritual knowledge’ is often susceptible to wishful thinking and flights of fancy; a keen, objective discrimination will help to establish a firm foundation for you to walk forward on. That foundation itself will be built upon a coherent View of reality.

The Views are many. The Wisdom Traditions exist to show a human being the way to an abiding in awakened awareness. In this state of awakened awareness, one is empowered and enabled to create, to manifest for want of a better word, a life according to their own personal vision of joy. In other words, blissful normalcy with the full privileges of the living. And so it becomes incumbent to get established in an overarching View, another integral pillar to support your way forward.

There are several time-honored Wisdom Traditions extant in the global culture. The Greeks, Chinese, Hebrews and Indians (native and continental) are custodian of some of the most revered wisdom traditions known. Be aware of the woo-woo floating around the New Age culture. The modern mystic, the so-called shaman (of course real ones exist, too), energy artists by too many names to list, the renaissance occultist, the theosophist – all have culled from the time-tested classics to reinvent a wheel not broken save by their own efforts to present the teachings to modern taste and proclivity.

A 400-year old alchemical cipher manuscript belonging to John Dee (1527-1608)

This is not to say that valid teaching does not exist in the modern era though. Tolle and Spira present non-duality admirably under their own monikers. The occultists did with the Tarot what the Chinese did with the Tao; they synthesized the entire Universe into an approachable system of study so precise that every principle of reality might be uncovered, explored, and engaged with to purpose.

The Rainbow Sutra of the Mirror Mind is a simple manuscript, focusing on only one topic – the presentation of the teachings. Yoga is the example of choice, but the overarching lesson is applicable everywhere. Words matter. The words we speak and think, of course. But no less important are the words we listen to and read. They must be treated with great respect if one is to really get at the truth of this journey.

For verily is made up of words. It is made up of all the words in the stories we read and those we make up and tell ourselves. Words take root as easily as molten gold settles into its mold to become a trusted bezel or prong for precious gems. They also take root and harden as easily as oil in a hair follicle, settling to fester and disturb their environment. Words matter. Every single one of them.

I encourage you to work with the Rainbow Sutra by applying the Bhavana meditation method to the reading and further applying the resultant awareness to everything you read online or in books, and to every conversation you entertain, with yourself as well as with others. Bhavana means to feel into the entire reality. In the case of literature, it would mean to sit with a passage, or even just a few words that resonate particularly. Sit with the words and let them marinate before reading further. Feel into the words and find out how they effect your experience. In addition to the wide variety of personal development workshops and programs available on the main website, I teach this and many other techniques of looking into our reality in my Facebook Group: Real Awakening. For the price of a cup of coffee, you are welcome to join us!

Know what you know and know what you don’t. Not only does even that much require a deep and passionate interest, but also a great sense of integrity to acknowledge the truth of the matter. When our own stories have taken root within us, permeated us and subsumed us as most tend to do, it is a very Great Work indeed to engage in such a contest as that which leads to the knowledge of self. The Philosopher’s Stone.