Magus is a Liar!

The idea that ‘magic only has power over us if we give our consent’ is presumptuous and misleading. It also begs for a proper definition of ‘magic’, never mind black or white.

The high magicians of the occult renaissance defined magic as:

The art and science of effecting change in accordance with will.

They were a practical lot, understanding that it is not only possible, but entirely practical and pragmatic, to understand one’s place in the sentient universe, and likewise make intentional use of every capacity at our disposal, in search of a life worth living, according to personal visions of joy and a desire for wellbeing.

To say that ‘black magic’ or ‘curses’ only have as much power over us as we allow ourselves to ‘believe’ is at once as true as it is naïve.

What is magic if not the manifested outcomes of the unexplainable and the mechanisms that lead to the manifestations?

If one believes that they are impervious to the machinations of the magician, then one is assuming themselves impervious to the word, to the charm, to the smile of the child, or the wiles of the wild. That one, in whom the universal intelligence is so illumined, of such refined nature that all is as clear as if reflected upon the most placid lake, under the brightest of suns and clearest of skies, that one of the true Christ or Buddha nature – yes, perhaps you are immune.

Alas, if you have ever, or would ever fall in love, then you are not. If you have ever watched a television commercial and suddenly been struck with the desire for a meal, or a product or a service, then you are not. If you are not the perfectly active listener, or reader, but like most intelligent people are rather more actively considering your retort than the true meanings, the spirit, of the words before you, then you are not.

For each word does, in fact, contain its own spirit. Words are a force. They create and they destroy. They construct the most complex illusions, as well as cut them away. The Word is verily God.

And now, to the matter of whether you have fallen prey to the intention of the black magician sequestered away in their cave.

Consider your own ability to toss a word up into the sky and watch it create immediate effect. Go ahead and try. Shout Kalamazoo, or Abracadabra, or Gadzooks, Belial or Belly up or Belly dance, Jesus rain apples or Buddha my boots – see what you can do. See if, in fact, the higher forces will have anything at all to do with your word.

And when you acknowledge that your word does not work in such a way, consider now the power and attention of someone whose word might, in fact, carry such weight with the gods. Who is that lad or lass whom the universe respects and cooperates with so? If such a one exists that can turn sunshine to cloud on a whim, touch and verifiably heal, command and bring forth the hosts in physical form. If such a one exists, then who are YOU that such a one as THAT would care to focus something like malicious intention upon?

I have walked the mystics path for thirty years and met all sorts. One thing I have understood very clearly is that there is great truth to the maxim that states:

“Those who know, don’t talk much, and those who don’t, hardly ever shut up.”

There are variations on this theme, and as they apply to the magical operation, might be understood as: “Those who can, don’t often, and those who can’t, never stop showing off.” There are reasons for this, too.

In summation, if you think you are cursed, get a handle on your imagination, and invest in good education, for magic is real.

The Magus, is the Logos, the Word that is God and must by virtue of what is magic and magician, speak the Truth, black, white or grey, however, the inherent ambiguity and potential for misunderstanding in language means that these truths will be misinterpreted, distorted and manipulated. Manipulated most often in the mind of the imaginator. This itself, leading to any manner of suppression and abuse.

Words are very powerful, each a spell in itself, and the inevitable misunderstanding and confusion of a real Magus’s communication is a sad fact indeed, but again, it is inevitable. ‘Your truth’ is not ‘the’ truth. First order reality will forever remain aloof from second order reality, and it is second order reality wherein all the questions, imaginings, opinions, teachings, commentary, suggestions, hopes, dreams – all of it, exists. They are the distortions and illusions of language, hence the adage, ‘life is a dream’.

And this is the true “curse of the Magus”, whereas the Magus has the responsibility to communicate the Truth, the first-order reality, even if it can lead to the enslavement of others through its inevitable falsification.

But yeah, voodoo, Santeria, etc., every culture finds its inhabitants playing with the constructs available to it, in every color and hue. Be yourself of solid intelligence. Create foundations that will not crumble under your feet. Be of good cheer and live a life of singular joy and devotion to your own vision and that of your family and personal creation. Be confident that you have as much right to exist as anybody else, and that unperturbed by your neighbor, afforded every right and privilege and protection as your brother and sister.

Beware the imagination; it’s the wellspring of artists, authors, Hollywood, Bollywood, philosophers, metaphysicians, magicians – everybody swims in the imagination! Know yours. Know the terrain. Know what you know and what you don’t. And don’t ‘believe’ any of it.

Regarding Spell-craft

“There are 72 letters, or 72 tri-lateral names, the sum of which is Tetragrammaton (YAHWEH); this is the great and mysterious Divided Name.

By adding the terminations (Yod He), or (Aleph Lamed), the names of 72 Angels are formed. (i.e. Vehu-‘jah’ Elem ‘jah’) (Ezeki ‘el’, Gabri-‘el’ et. al)

The Hebrews say that by uttering this Name (i.e. the 72-syllable unpronounceable name of God) the universe is destroyed. This statement means the same as that of the Hindus, that the effective utterance of the name of Shiva would cause him to awake, and so destroy the universe.

Re: Mantra-Yoga, consider:

Thoth, the god of Magick, is the inventor of speech; Christ is the Logos.

Aleister Crowley
Book of Lies

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was, is and ever will be God. When you speak, you ARE the Magician. Invoke your deity intentionally, before you speak. Know yourself. And enjoy the great play of life.