“What” are you channeling? And “why”?

When I think of channeling, popular channelers like Edgar Cayce, Florence Cook, Theresa Caputo and Aleister Crowley come to mind. Yet, if I am to engage with this topic in any meaningful way, that is, in a way that is going to ultimately support my aims and deliver me to a fruitful result, I must ask the relevant questions.

What, in fact, is channeling, after all? What is a channel? And what is being channeled? On the surface of it we might all be inclined to agree that a channel is an open passageway of sorts through which something might freely flow. Fine. What sort? What sort of channel and what sort of what is flowing through it? Well, an energetic channel, of course. With energy flowing through it.

Which necessarily leads us to a follow-up question. For surely we are not speaking of the five physical forces (viz. electrical, mechanical, chemical, thermal and nuclear) that define energy as we understand it scientifically. So what are we talking about then?

The Wisdom Traditions, the time-tested traditions, as opposed to the newer-age versions attempting to appropriate the name and abscond with it – those rascals – say that energy is that which forms the Principles of Reality at every level. These principles of reality constitute layers of awareness which permeate absolutely everything, from Original Source right down to our very core.

The sages of the Wisdom Traditions have numbered these principles at around thirty. Luckily they have also left us plenty of breadcrumbs, so that we might follow them and be more readily recognizant of the terrain over which they traveled before us. After all, we’re not reinventing any wheels here. We’re not doing anything new. Perhaps we’re evolving in our awareness, learning to feel into this embodied experience deeper and deeper. But surely not much has really changed since the dawn of time.

Thus we might understand, that as we are conscious beings, our spiritual journeys of awakening are gradually enlightening us to the broader parameters of an overarching, all-encompassing awareness, and as aware as we become, the more we are able to interact energetically with every principle of reality herein. Interacting with energy as energy. Interacting intelligently with intelligence. Interacting as awareness, in full awareness, with awareness itself. Big stuff there. You might want to re-read that a couple times.

So this brings us back to the what that we are channeling. The intelligentsia of the European renaissance, the so-called occult revival, culling deeply from those ancient, time-honored wisdom traditions, looked into these principles of reality with meticulous and impeccable attention, arriving at the conclusion that these principles were, in fact, intelligent, and further, that within these principles occurred sub-strata of intelligence as well! Intelligences within intelligence. Like human beings living on a living planet. Layers upon layers all the way unto the unfathomable. So it proceeds outwardly. So it proceeds inwardly.

As Above So Below, Quantum Entanglement, String Theory, the Observer Effect – so many memes, so little time. Truth has become cliché and fodder for the charlatan mentor. But you on your awakening journey – you! Yes, you, the reader. Get this now. There is a fundamental component of awareness, a right, a privilege that we call choice. It is fundamental to our conscious make-up and foundational to our lives in so far as it is by this mechanism that we are enabled to act intelligently. This skill defines us in so many ways. And it is a point of order that deserves your deep consideration. For if you but acknowledge this one divinely acquired capacity, and own your place at the center of your awareness, all else quite suddenly and dramatically falls into place.

What are you channeling? And why? Somebody says that they are channeling reptilian intelligence. Okay. Fine. If that is your will. For another fundamental of the embodied experience is that we are all made up several foundational limitations and capacities, primary of which are Will, Knowledge and the Potential for Volition. Combine these consciously and we have a recipe for the Highest Magic of all – Creation! And so now, if upon realizing this inherent power for want of a better term, you decide that you would like, for whatever reason, to engage with the reptilian aspect of reality, then go forward and do as you Will. May your efforts bear fruit.

But! If that is not your aim, your will, then what business do you have with the consideration that you might be doing so? Listen. This is an object lesson in attention and willful expression of your right to life. Wake up from apathy immediately. You are alive! You are enabled with fundamental, inalienable rights to this life and al that implies. And if you do not want to be engaged with reptiles, then engage with what you do want to engage with and think nothing more of the matter. You are free.

And so we come to the topic of the unintentional, the unaware. The doubting. The besieged. The ego has been given authority to run the show; I have abdicated my rights. Dethroned myself, whether out of ignorance of my rights, or worse, intentionally succumbed to the bliss of habitually patterned existence. Because that is precisely the role of the ego, and brilliantly does it carry out its prime directive as the recording device of our thoughts, intentions and actions. It records these impeccably and serves back the data on an infinite loop. It never sleeps. It feeds you data as you sleep. As you eat. As you make love. IT NEVER SLEEPS. But get this, and get this good; it is not autonomous. You may have abdicated your authority, but you can also take it back anytime. Re-throne and re-establish yourself as monarch of your kingdom and director of your destiny.

It is a vast and inter-connected eco-system in which every intelligence, every principle of reality co-exists, each in its place, each in its time. Each in its sphere of influence. And here is the secret found in the Sanctum Sanctorum of the Temple of Knowledge: You are central to the scheme. The spark of the Divine at your core is your own private piece of grace. It is your very own Pax Romana giving you freedom to journey throughout the entire universe unmolested lest the molester incur the wrath of God. And it is your Ariadne’s thread with which you might trace your way out from the depths of whatever labyrinth you might have wandered into.

So if you’re channeling, as we tend to do, on any given day, with any given motive, then go forward and channel as you Will. Knowingly. According to your desire to create. Channel Christ. Channel the Atlanteans. Channel the living, or the dead. Channel the Lizards if that’s what does it for you. But if that is not your design, and you happen to see a lizard in your channel one day, then perhaps you might ask it what it’s doing there or else just send it on its way with a stiff gust of breath blown from your divine thought. ‘Go. You are not in your right place, guy.’  Command it. Know yourself as the commander. The director. The free. Not to get lost in complacency, but rather to be mindful at every moment. This is the conscious journey of awakening into the fullness of your awareness and your life.