Identifying “Blockages”

Physical blockages are remedied with efforts directed at the blockage. When the pipes are blocked we use drain cleaner, or specific tools to remove hairballs, leaves and dirt, etc. When the river is blocked by trees fell from a storm, we might require a bulldozer or crane.

When there is an obstruction in the airways, sometimes the Heimlich maneuver may be administered by a third party. When the intestines are blocked, the proper medication may loosen the blockage. For heavy traffic, sometimes several traffic police are needed until the proper crews can be called to clear up whatever is causing the blockade.

Heimlich Maneuver

What the above all have in common is the fact that the blockage is understood and the proper means to alleviate it is undertaken.

In the metaphysical world, the world of energy, of mind, of frequency, of any manner of vague interpretation and construct of intention and imagination, it is extremely perilous to take someone else at their word regarding blockages. You yourself must know where the blockage lie, if in fact there really is a blockage. If someone else identifies a blockage, then it is their responsibility to identify it clearly, and even perhaps suggest a remedy.

‘Your 6th chakra is blocked, so gargle with lemon juice 6 times daily and it’ll clear right up’ is a great example of unhelpful identification and suggestion. How do you ’know’ your 6th chakra is blocked? What’s a chakra anyway?

A writer gets an intelligence block, temporarily disconnecting from her source of inspiration. This can be due to being tired, or any number of reasons. The blockage is apparent because the words have stopped flowing. Depending on the cause, the remedy will become clear, too.

A healer gets a blockage when he finds himself disconnected from the Source of healing, in his mind, his emotion; he is unable, for reasons all his own, to align with the universal will. How does he know he is blocked? Not because the patient doesn’t heal – that is the jurisdiction of the Lord after all, but because he himself doesn’t feel the operation, is unable to visualize, cannot formulate the prayer, generate heat, or is otherwise unable to engage in the practice.

What is the blockage? Where is it? It needs to be properly identified.

“My dreams are not manifesting; I must have a blockage.” Perhaps. Perhaps it is a blockage caused by improper effort. I want a beautiful house, yet I am neither saving money, nor investing wisely, spend all my extra income, do not maintain regular employment so that the banks might grant me a mortgage… Or, I am looking in the wrong neighborhoods, where real estate is either not available or out of my price range. Or, I am not following another long held ambition of mine, which is to be in a relationship with my high school sweetheart who happens to live in Paris now and actually moving there would align with life better.

When I am aligned with life itself, the river tends to flow more easily. When I am out of alignment, things tend to be obstructed. Being able to ask yourself the proper questions and be of a keen, discerning eye regarding the answers, is imperative to getting at the crux of these issues of ‘blockages’. It’s simply not enough to get out the crystals, make up a batch of moon water and look for the 11:11s on the clock radio. Sometimes a good mentor can support your self-analysis and help you make a plan of life-engagement. Mentors are a good investment for people with high motivation to engage life to purpose. Just be careful now with the bias that each mentor brings to the table as well – including my own!

Check out the Health & Healing Challenge in my program library. Peruse the curriculum. Decide if that’s the kind of healing engagement that might be of great benefit to you.

Eyes wide open! In every respect. Awakening gradually into a fulfilling engagement with reality.