If Enlightenment is HERE & NOW Then Why Don’t I Feel Enlightened?

Because of the attachments to this and that. Those attachments are more important to you than anything else. That is why you see the world as you do.

No problem! Do what you’re doing and be as a being! No need to care about anything like enlightenment – that’s just another form of the avarice that keeps you attached to the worldly perspective.

And besides, most of us need to be attached to the worldly perspective. Without our greed, how are we going to go out and make money for our families? Without a bit of anger, where will the fire to digest our food come from? No lust? Say goodbye to procreation.

Hey, every spiritual tradition has their version. Yoga calls these attachments afflictions. five Big ones! The Kundalini tradition will go further and tell you about twenty-four hindrances stopping Her from rising – never mind everyone and their third cousin claiming spontaneous Kundalini awakening these days and every other third cousin with a bit of meditation and advaita under their belt claiming that everybody’s already enlightened and all you gotta do is grock it – ain’t gonna be no grockin’ goin on while Netflix’s gotcha glued to the previews.

Sorry, I’m not jaded, honest. And I’m not having a go at you. But it’s true. Enlightenment used to have a meaning. So did Kundalini Rising. The New Age has made it far too accessible when everyone thinks they can just wish it and become like Buddha. Poof! You’re a sage!