I’m Sacrificing Career Growth For My Spiritual Journey: Is It Worth It?

Trust! Keep the deepest faith in your Self!

Wasting your career growth? Possibly. I will tell you my own story below, and if you are really interested, you can read more about what it means to ignite your path here.

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But what I want to say to you most of all regarding this question is that there is no telling what the future brings. It is a completely blank slate. Just as the past is already dead and gone. You are the creator, living here now, always now. Always able to make what you want out of the present moment. 

Choice! Freedom of choice!

When I was a kid, I wanted nothing more than to know GOD. That’s all. And my whole life became about that. I traveled the world. I sat with masters. I studied and I practiced, giving little thought to work and money and relationships. And that part of my life, understandably, was quite underdeveloped while I soared in the spiritual.

Fast forward. When I was around 40 years old I started getting serious with a woman. We got married. I had no financial security, but she was a kindred spirit… Anyway, fast-forward another 5 years. We made a baby. And from the moment I knew that, I changed my direction abruptly. 

Choice! Freedom of choice!

When that little baby was just a nugget in my wife’s womb, I decided that I would make a good life for her and immediately set about securing gainful employment. Now part of my spiritual journey always involved educating myself, and some of that I did formally, so I earned a couple of degrees. Further, while working part time to support my spiritual journey, I also took pride in my work, my craft, and polished my skill with good attention. Hence when it was time to send my intention out into the world, I had a lot of practical experience to back it up, and the universe conspired with me to find an excellent position with an excellent company, allowing me to get a mortgage on a wonderful home to support our family as well as my wife’s parents, in a good neighborhood with good schools and all the this and that needed for living the good life with a career and family.

So, in short, I don’t know how you are exactly applying yourself on your spiritual path, but it might not necessarily be a waste if you’ve got your eye on the ball. Developing yourself spiritually does not mean that you have to suffer mentally, physically or emotionally. As a matter of fact, the more you really develop spiritually, the more the other dimensions of being should also be coming into balance.

Choice! Freedom of choice!