Can Tarot Predict the Future? No!

Neither were the cards ever intended to be used for purposes of prediction of a determined future.

Where do we begin this conversation? The ages old determinism debate has never been incontrovertibly answered, and can never be, by virtue of the subject. There is simply no way to prove whether fate governs our every act.

There is a lot of evidence to suggest, however, that we have freedom of choice in our actions. Every moment of our lives would seem to support the argument for freedom of choice. The argument over determinism is a lose-lose waste of a Friday night.

To the Tarot cards. History of the cards aside, development of the cards in the tarot parlors, and occult fraternities, was simply never directed towards predicting definitive future outcomes.

They ‘predict’ future possibilities based on present circumstance and potential. So the word predict in itself is highly misleading. The cards do not predict anything at all.

See the images of the Devil & Tower from one of the first tarot designs of the late 1400’s Visconti Sforza deck.

Now let’s look at a popular sample question in conjunction with these cards.

Please reveal to me the outcome of my job interview tomorrow.

The first thing you might notice is that neither of these cards has anything at al to do with a job interview. So what do the cards represent? You see a stereotypical depiction of a Christian devil, and crumbling tower of Babel. But what are these images telling YOU? Or the reader?

The reading is going to be entirely dependent on the engagement and bias of the reader.

Have you ever seen the movie Devil’s Advocate? Keanu’s job interview went pretty good. In fact, he was scouted directly.

Your reading is going to be guided by perspective and analysis, and it’s a really good idea not to address the tarot cards with questions like this anyway, because you are simply begging to be led astray. You are intentionally planting unneeded seeds in your mind, when you might better use your intention for a more direct mindset programming method with any message you choose. An intentionally empowering message, instead of running the risk of disempowering yourself at the outset, or confusing yourself with messages you can’t interpret.

Tarot cards have an interesting story to know, an interesting history. There is a means of engagement according to a process and they can be a great tool to help you develop your own intuitive and analytical skills.

Try another popular question just for kicks.

Is s/he the one for me?

What would drawing ‘The Fool’ tell you? First thing you should notice is that there is no yes or no written anywhere on the card, right? So, basically, your guess (interpretation) is as good as anyone’s.

The Tarot cards cannot answer yes/no questions. Period. That’s not what they’re for. Grab a pendulum and let your subconscious guide you if your surface consciousness hasn’t caught up with reality yet. Obviously you can’t know everything about your potential love interest; but you know as much as you can at the moment.

Tarot weren’t designed for this kind of engagement. They were designed with a much more sublime goal in mind. The alchemists understand. The occultists understood.

See the message inscribed upon the Gemini’s Disc. It reads: visita interiora terrae rectificando invenies occultum lapidem or V.I.T.R.I.O.L. – alchemy’s universal solvent. Roughly translated, the inscription is telling you to reconcile your personal storylines. Cut through your own accumulated bs (impressions of life) and go for the gold – the truth.

This card offers a Hebrew Letter, an astrological sign, a title and a plethora of symbolism, all designed to help you become the best version of yourself.


To support you in your self-development, empower and enable you to be the best version of yourself, and every card has been designed to reveal to you facets of your own self, rather than external interactions. Yes, you can read interactions into them. You can extrapolate. You can infer. You can analyze potential, make educated guesses based on a lot of data, such as, what’s going in your reality right now – the real reality, not the imagination. What do your relationships look like? How do you tend to interact? What’s your own level of intelligence, education, emotional maturity, capacities for emotional or intellectual digestion, capacity for introspection, capacity for volition, personal aims, motivation, KARMA – the sum total of all past and present choices and subsequent results.


And the future is a blank slate, just as the past is dead, yet still reverberating depending on a lot of unfinished business.

Can Tarot predict the future? The answer is no, but it sure does open up a can of many more exciting questions, doesn’t it?

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