Can Meditation “Cure” Disease? YES!

Let me tell you a story about how a particular tantrik visualization technique definitively and verifiably aided in the reduction of a tumor in my wife’s breast and how our joint partner meditation helped to empower her to come back to dynamic health.

Sure, I totally lost control of my focus at one point resulting in a tidal wave and several nuclear explosions, but I’ll get to that. The short answer is, yes, meditation can cure disease. Or rather, an application of mind can cure disease and meditation is a good practice to enable focus for such an application.

The mind is seriously powerful stuff, and the Tantrik imagination is no joke. Even without the knowledge of tantra and advanced visualization, the imagination is responsible for virtually every manifestation of reality – from philosophy and civics to engineering and medicine. Ah, but to my story.

So the wife found a lump – this is 10 years ago now and she’s been fine since. But at the moment of discovery, as many of you can either identify with or imagine, we were scarred out of our minds. We didn’t know anything about cancer at that time, except perhaps that it was one of the scariest words out there. But after we got through being terrified and crying and doing prayer circles with our friends on the phone, we got down to the business of research.

Our oncologist told us that we had 3 options: (1) Cut it out. (2) Irradiate it. (3) Douse it with chemo. As a follow-up, she could go on hormone therapy to reduce the chances of the thing ever coming back. And you know, she was scarred. All spiritual mumbo-jumbo went out the window immediately. No reiki, no crystals, no Noni juice – the Big C had just come to town and talking the talk wasn’t good enough anymore. It was time to walk the walk.

But you know what else? I know how to walk the walk. I know what the mind can do – what its potential is. My faith is based on observable, replicable science. I’ve seen with my own eyes what can only be defined as miraculous for want of a better definition. And so even as we scheduled her operation to follow through with the doc’s first recommendation, to cut that bugger out before it could metastasize, I settled down into a meditation and called upon the Natural Forces to assemble.

Through a process of raising my vibration, or energy – some say something like surya kriya or some say something like kundalini, I don’t know. What I know is the very real intention with which I invoked my natural resources.

intended that the atoms vibrate just so. I intended that an energy be transferred between myself and her. I intended that such an energy would be of such a caliber and potency that it should have such and such an effect on the mass invading my wife’s breast. I visualized it. I imagined it. I let the summoned energy settle on that place. And with a combination of no-thought, deep devotion, channeled imagination and focused intent, I breathed my life into her.

I kept that little operation up for about a month while together we practiced similar visualization meditations among other – m.b.s.r. played its part, too. And when we went for her pre-op check, would you believe that the 6.5cm mass had shrunk to 4.0cm taking the doctors somewhat by surprise. Spontaneous regression of cancerous growths is not completely unheard of but has historically been recorded more often in renal cell, the skin, adrenals and blood. They’d not heard of the same happening with the breast and wanted to go forward with their chosen regimen of therapies. Personally, at stage 1, this experience had given me the confidence to keep up our efforts and postpone cutting into her, but she was still afraid and decided to go through with the procedure.

Fair enough. The operation went smoothly enough. There were no indications in the margins that anything further was amiss. So why on earth did they have to stick to their s.o.p. and recommend a 3-month course of radiation? We wouldn’t be able to nurse her breast back to life after that. I didn’t like that she had to undergo radiation being introduced into her body – even targeted. We had her clean. Through an awesome approach to life and health, she had detoxed and taken full control of her condition. But still, it was cancer after all, and fear still had her by the tit. And she acquiesced. And it burned me up (no pun intended). I was able to talk her down from her position on chemo – well, not on chemo per say, but the over-reliance on standard medicine. We were trying to have a baby and the chemo would’ve destroyed those chances. Not a super-strong girl to begin with, that shit would’ve hurt her more than it helped and I convinced her of the same. There was no reason to believe that her body needed to be flooded with chemicals on the off chance that rogue cancer cells had survived somewhere. Good literature had told us, the human body deals with cancer cells daily. A strong immune system would go a long way in keeping her healthy.

Well again, the long and short of it is that she did not do the chemo, or the hormone therapy, she’s eleven years healthier than she’s ever been and our daughter was born an awesome testament to the beauty of life. But yeah, she went through with the radiation. And every trip to the doctor’s office, every burn she endured, burned me a little bit, too. I didn’t know quite how much until about 6 weeks into the treatments.

I forget now, it was so long ago. I forget how often we went to the doctor for that radiation. But it was often. And every time we came home we sat for a little meditation, doing what we could to support her dying breast. And so it was that at six weeks in, my wife, too, started doubting the need for the radiation. And a part of me rejoiced. For try as I might, there was no part of me left wholly non-judgmental and pure enough to see a good Operation of intention through to its perfect end. Real anger simmered under my intention – anger that the medicos themselves could not offer a more holistic approach to her adjuvant therapies. Anger that a fear so plagued my wife’s heart that she would throw away a good breast just on the chance that cancer cells remained, when the same were said to have been eradicated. When her experience had shown her what the power of meditation and clean living could do. When it was understood that the cause of the cancer was through no fault of her own, no fault of her heredity, no fault of the time, but due simply to a biological push-back against another hormone therapy she’d decided to try in order to conceive. (as it turns out, that would not be needed either; but that’s a story for another question). Yes, an anger simmered – an anger at the establishment that hid away or outright defamed and defaced alternatives like the Gerson Protocols and other goodly works. And yes I was relieved when she decided she’d had enough.

But the day we went hand in hand to tell the docs of our decision, we lost our nerve. She’d been teetering on the fence anyway and the fear won. One sideways glance from the doc and a warning that walking away now would make these six weeks a total waste was enough to win her back into their fold and she decided there and then to stay the course and let them burn the rest of her away.

And though you wouldn’t know it by my face, deep at the core of me I cried for her. The tears flowed inside for the suffering she would endure further, but more so, for the suffering she was currently enduring that forced her to endure more still. And as those inner tears flooded the core of me, the ground underneath my feet also started to flutter. And then it started to bulge. Suddenly the earth for miles around was undulating like a great wave pool. We were forced to hold on to something, so great was the motion.

When we got home we heard the news. Fukushima. about 260km north of us, had just been rocked by a magnitude 9 earthquake that had sent a tidal wave into the nuclear reactors there.

Many of you know much about the drama that ensued and continues to ensue to this day. The waters are irradiated. The air, the food…

Sure, I know. It is impossible that the anger and ire of one simple Tantrik yogi could have such an effect, especially when my intention is anything but that. When I am a peace-loving support of the universe, how could any of that be in any way related to what I had been feeling at the moment of that disaster and the circumstances of our life at that time. It’s almost as ridiculous as saying that God is a personification sitting on a cloud somewhere pronouncing individual judgments upon individual lives.

All I know is that meditation works. That’s why I teach my beginners meditation first before any other art or science of mind. It works to heal disease. It works to protect and support. And it works to do a whole lot more, too. And it behooves us to know the raw power of mind to shape our lives and manifest our intentions.