Kundalini is the Mother. Mother Nature. The Goddess. We all contain a spark of the Mother within us, and in most cases, beyond giving us life, Her vast potential remains asleep deep at our core. Please have a look at this primer for a thorough examination of the Nature of Kundalini before you proceed. What is Kundalini?

Now let me tell you the story of the Life Bomb!

Briefly, my wife was not having an easy time conceiving a child due to the positioning of her tubes which caused the egg to drop in such a way as to miss its mark. Don’t ask me for the science of it all – it’s gone from memory now. But because of this, she’d visited all kinds of doctors and tried all kinds of herbs and yoga and this and that to try to bring herself into alignment for years with no success. So she opted to have herself injected with hormones, a therapeutic process which didn’t last long due to being hit by one of the drug’s threatened side-effects, breast cancer.

For more on the story of that drama and how Tantra, coupled with western medicine, contributed greatly to her subsequent healing, please read: Can meditation cure diseases?

The story of the life bomb begins where the curing of the disease leaves off, in our nuclear irradiated hometown, with nothing but an intention to heal and to live and thrive to sustain us.

And so it happens that in the panic of the quadruple nuclear meltdown, my wife was still in the early stages of her recovery and we used those days to come closer as a couple, doing the Tantric dances, which have little to do with sex by the way, and binding ourselves to the Natural flow of things. That was March of 2011. For the next full year we focused our arts on healing and she came back to a state of perfect health.

The intention of awakened consciousness is powerful; this is the potential of Kundalini – what She may be called upon for, or how She may be used. When Kundalini is awake (refer to the first article, please), you are awake. You are alive. Otherwise one may as well be a walking skeleton for all the actual control you have over your life. She is the force of Nature.

My wife and I married in 2008, and though I’d halfheartedly tried to make a baby with her for those several years, the intention was never impeccable simply because my heart was in two places. Half the year I was still spending in the Himalayas at that time, while half was spent in Japan. And while my intention was divided, there could be no co-operation of the magnitude required to bring a child into my life. Mother Nature could not be called on for support simply because I was still unsure. Unsure whether we would end up living like gypsies, globetrotting hippies in search of the perfect wave. I had no plans to go corporate and get a mortgage; basically my heart wasn’t in it one-hundred percent. And I knew I had to be a hundred percent for the child I would help bring into the world. But the wife felt the biological clock ticking and so pushed the envelope so to speak. And she didn’t tell me until it was too late.

Anyway, it wasn’t too late. Just a smidgen of karma through no fault of her own, bless her. She was innocence, calling upon innocence. And maybe that hit she took was just another fire that needed to be lit under me in order that I learn more deeply of Her potential and the way of things, a speeding bullet that would allow me to establish a needed conviction on several levels. Because a fire was certainly lit. My Guru gave up His life for me that year so that I might put myself squarely on the path of a family man and know the joys and sufferings of my own father in that way. After all, the jiva is here to experience it all, right? So yeah, I got serious pretty abruptly.

Fast forward to 2013. The rituals of healing are now in the past. It’s time to focus on creation. We’re going to make a family. That is the idea. If it doesn’t work, we’ll go to Greece by way of Bali, but for the moment, and we are definitely in the moment, the intention is to call life. And now I am here with both feet. And now I begin my own operation, and if it be in time with Mom’s then it will be a success. So I wrote a poem.

You snicker! A poem? What does a poem have to do with any of this? Well, I’ll tell you. Don’t underestimate for a second the power in a word. Spells are cast with words. Words form the meat of our intentions. It is with words that we pray. All the way into the Great Silence, we are accompanied by words. In the bible I think there is a saying something like the Word is God or that God created all of this with a Word. So I wrote a poem. It was a pretty good poem, too. And incredibly powerful, too. Because unlike the side-effects of intention gone astray with mixed and heated emotions that might lead to something like a great earthquake, this time I was completely focused on the light and in total joy and expectancy did I take my pen to paper. That was around Christmas 2013.

Fast forward to February 2014. Our little beach town just south of Tokyo has been blanketed in the most bizarre snow storm – bizarre because this town doesn’t usually get snow and the most snow it’s ever seen in the history of meteorological recording has been but a few inches. But this day it laid itself down upon us like something heavenly; there was enough for every child in the city to go out and make an angel, a snowman, an arsenal of snowballs, but no. The kids in this town have no idea how to play in snow and the bewildered moms kept them inside for the most part. The roads were shut down, the township ground to a halt. I think only I had somewhat of an innocent appreciation for what might be happening, but it was still too early to presume. And so the wife and I just went out and played. Hard. We enjoyed the shit out of that snow and laughed and frolicked enough for the other kids who couldn’t be out there with us.

Fast forward to April. Spring has set in. Birds have come to set up their nests in the wooden shades that guard our windows. Raccoon families moved into the space below our roof. An odd fox family found its way into our front yard and just hung out, all chill like this was the place to be. Flowers, not planted mind you, bloomed and blossomed everywhere in the yard, even in the shady places. And, oh my God, the silk worms. Hundreds of thousands poured from our maple trees as if they were there to weave some fine garments for what was to come. Because in May, we learned that my wife was pregnant and by January 2015, our beautiful baby girl was born. A life bomb had literally been dropped on top of our house!

So that’s one way of invoking the Goddess. There are plenty more besides, of course. But magic depends on the magician and the cooperation of the Gods. A better question might be, of what use would you like to put Her to? Because really, the sky’s the limit!