Can Beginners Experience PSYCHIC AWARENESS During Meditation?

A master will often tell you to just observe the development of the psychic senses – not to go siddhi chasing so to speak. It’s also true that the development and intentional application of said psychic awareness has the potential to go awry quickly, in the hands of the egocentric especially, but also the witless. Then there’s also the matter of the individual’s personality, disposition and proclivities.

When you meditate you are diving through the psychic senses on your way to the Void of Silence. You will cross every dimension of being on your way. From the body you will go into the intellect, onward to the emotion, onward through the imagination, the intuition and the more subtle will. For every dimension there is a sense, and as the dual sense apparatus, some say the little I, some say the mind or the ego, journeys toward its unity with Self in the Silence, yes, you will touch on every potentiality. You may know every possibility as you pass through every dimension of mind and subtle awareness.

Buddha said don’t bother with the discoveries – keep going. But what if you’re not particularly interested in Buddha’s teaching? What if union with the Infinite is not your goal? What if Self-realization is an after-thought for you and you could give two wits about higher callings, nirvana or the so-called enlightenment process? What if meditation, for you, is precisely with the idea in mind of discovering the latent abilities that each of us are often quite capable of developing? In such a case, the answer you are seeking is a resounding YES! Beginners may experience psychic awareness, or POWER, during their meditation.

Now, you want to be asking different questions hopefully. Questions about which bodies of knowledge to study should you want to develop higher learning. Questions about safe practices, practical application, discipline, practice and studious development. Teachers, methods and the perspectives of the global cultures.

SELF is as vast as GOD and the UNIVERSE and each of us is a spark of the Divine. No need to roll yourself up into one idea when GOD is every idea all rolled into ONE. The sages say to do what you are doing and do it with a great interest. Be as a being – enjoy the life! Best of luck on your path and with your practice!