Dreams of Persecution & Delusion: Is Kundalini Rising?

No, She is not. These are signs of paranoia or other breaks from reality, hence the word delusion.

Awakenings and Kundalini Rising are all the rage these days to be sure, however, if you are not yet able to act with equanimity, without adding to the samskara of the 5 sheaths, nor able to walk in the three worlds without hindrance and see equally in all ten directions, then you should understand that Kundalini yet remains coiled in slumber. Either that or you are attempting to force energy through knots of consciousness without due preparation.

The western infatuation with Kundalini psychosis is a real shame. There is simply too much confusion around this term, as if there was not enough confusion and ignorance regarding yoga in general already.

When fear has been completely removed, when distinctions are without judgment, when quiescent, when happy, when still, when there is no longer the question of whether She has risen, when clear, then you will know that Kundalini is awake.

Concerning the term Kundalini, it should be accepted that this is a Sanskrit word and a word used in the culture of Yoga, by Yogin. It is not a western phrase, and as much as it has been borrowed and adjusted to suit western purpose, it is however, precisely what it is, and nothing more or less.

The source texts and sages one should refer to when considering the topic of Kundalini include:

  • Adi Shankaracharya
  • Mundamalatantra (Ch. 6)
  • Varahopanishad (5.51)
  • Yogashikhopanishad (6.55)
  • Hatha Yog pradipika
  • Tantraloka
  • and Guru Vashistha

Kundalini is mentioned in Gyanarva Tantra, Lalita Sahastranam, Laghustuti Vamkeshwar Tantra, Kshata Chakta, Nirupana, Ghetanya Samhita and more. These books were written by Indians.

CG Jung wrote a brilliant exposition on Kundalini from a western psychological perspective ,but it’s due to the ravings of Gopi Krishna that the west has seen sufficient to equate malady with spiritual enlightenment when nothing could be further from the truth.

The sages have been and remain explicit. One is either balanced, or imbalanced. Energy rises and falls to be sure. But Kundalini Risen is something else entirely, not granted by a shaktipaht, and rarely, rarely simply explodes like a tornado ripping up one’s spine to give visions of the universe. Again, that may well be, but it is something else entirely. Not at all what the sages had in mind when they taught up about Kundalini in the 5000-year old tradition of the Wisdom Kings.