From Guru To Disciple: A Mystical Transmission of Knowledge!

Historically, the transmission of Gyan, spiritual wisdom and knowledge, was an oral tradition. The truly awakened are on the most intimate terms with the Word and use it in ways perhaps only a poet can truly appreciate. Through the word, the disciple’s perspective is touched and guided.

The Guru engenders and enables the growth of wisdom in his disciple by creating the circumstance and conditions ripe for particular experiences, too. The awakened consciousness sees clearly in every direction and dimension, and when it has decided that it is here to teach rather than simply sit back in kevala samadhi, it is almost miraculous the way in which the Guru may work in conjunction with reality to mold a disciples experience. I say almost miraculous because it would appear so from the outside looking in – hence the terms like mystical knowledge.

But seriously, it’s the combination of the guru’s wise council and experiential guidance that sees the disciple along his or her path to mastery. I know somebody reading this probably wants to hear about how valid the shaktipaht or other magical transmission might be – and actually, the magic has it’s place, but really only as a temporary show of potential, something akin to an extra serving of broccoli with the evening meal. One gets a boost, but a man’s light is not turned on with a switch. It very much depends on the individual’s own condition, disposition, proclivity, propensity, will, intention and the like. Guru and Disciple – capitalize them both. They are like brothers, each living for the other, each serving the other. When there is a disciple who can actually recognize the Guru, that disciple is already something. The mystique is already brewing within. The Guru knows how to stir it up!