“Astral Projection” or “O.B.E.” PROVE IT!

When I was 13 years old, almost 40 years ago, I had been seeing a series of recurring lucid dreams. I would awaken, my body frozen in a state now understood as sleep paralysis. A panic would overcome me and I would try frantically to bring myself out of that condition. On the rare occasions that I could somehow flow through that condition into the dream state, I woke into a phantasmagoric version of my real-life circumstance and it kinda freaked me out. It would be many years before I’d be able to understand the various dynamics of this astral world.

I’d read nothing on the phenomenon of lucid dreaming, astral projection, OBE’s or the like. I had no frame of reference for my experience and nobody to talk it through with. It was quite troubling really. Then one day I took my father into my confidence and shared my experience. He was very practical about the whole thing and suggested we try an experiment.

You see, the common theme when dreaming like this was that once I passed through the paralysis stage, I would invariably awaken in my bed, and thinking that I am actually awake, make for the bedroom door. When I try to open it, my hands can not grasp the knob. This invokes a fresh wave of panic and I am suddenly whisked back to my bed where I awaken again, only to repeat the process. Sometimes, at the door, I am suddenly, magically transported to the other side where a fresh journey of experiences await.

Dad thought it would be interesting to find out if I could make it past his own closed bedroom door, and if so, could I read a note he would leave on his night stand. Long story short, one night I did get in there to find a note that said:

“Hey, kid! Go back to your room.” Honestly I only saw the first “Hey…” and the last “…your room” and dad filled in the blanks later.

Maybe that’s why the CIA deemed their remote viewing experiments unreliable, but this answers the question regarding whether OBE’s can be proven. Somewhat.

Something is going beyond the limits of the body. But then again, the ‘limits’ of consciousness, at this stage of our evolution, are still quite arbitrarily defined.