Can anyone become a “Reiki” healer?

Everybody can learn to master their own energies. With proper tutelage, anybody can learn to manipulate certain external energies as well. I think there are also a number of more appropriate questions to ask in light of the fact that we are energetic beings. Thermodynamic beings to be precise.

Has anybody at any time actually been responsible for consciously conducting energy in such a way that it was responsible for healing? Non-local healing has been a buzzword for about a decade, I think.

If yes, then how broadly is this art applicable? Can it be replicated at will? Can data be accumulated through observation? Has it ever been? Why or why not?

霊気, or rei-ki, in Japanese, means energy of the spirit.

If we are, in fact, spiritual beings sharing a human experience, as Pierre Chardin would have us believe, and if the spirit is, in fact, an energetic form beyond the 3D viz. physical-mental-emotional makeup that we are accustomed to expressing ourselves through, then of course anybody may learn to express themselves in any manner in which energy is capable of being expressed through a human or conscious conduit. And there are many arts that look into this deeply.

Chinese healing arts are among the most ancient and include Qigong, and even Tai Chi comes to mind.

I would ask, why Reiki, and suggest one might look deeper into 合気、Aiki , better known as Aikido. The Path of the Meeting of Energies. Or Kung Fu. Mastery of that Way has also been known to be applicable to the healing arts.

The world is full of magic! And yes, it’s accessible to anyone.