Why Do Wealthy Spiritual Teachers Like ECKHART TOLLE Still Charge For Their Teachings?

If an enlightened mind is asking to be paid for their work, it might be worth looking into how the money is being put to use rather than why they should be paid for their work in the first place.

Everybody deserves to be paid for their work if it is providing some value to somebody. A master of the esoteric arts, a master of the carpentry, a master of arts or a master of Kung Fu, in a teaching position, may also do with money the same as the novice. They will certainly take care of all of the essentials, providing for the health and welfare of the family, and then more often than not, they will take that money and put it to use in some way that makes the world a better place to live in for the next generation.

In the case of Eckhart Tolle, he appears to be using his fortune, through his foundation, to help a number of demographics including the sick and the elderly, students through education, prison reform and more.

In the case of business and tech master Bill Gates, his foundation looks for cures to global diseases. (Leave the conspiracies at the door please.) The Bill Clinton Foundation, the Tony Robbins Foundation, the Ravi Shankar Foundation – any master at the top of their game, who has made enough to take care of their own family and personal needs, generally starts giving back to the world. That is one sign of an enlightened personality and answer to why they may need more money to continue doing the work they want to do.