What Does Magic “Feel” Like?

Well, it feels rather like potential, when you hold it in your hand,
or your heart,
or when otherwise surrounded by or infused with it.

The magician, however, feels naught but equanimity.
And this is how it ought to be.

For when you add passions to the stew,
One contrives an altogether different brew.
And then the feeling depends very much upon the recipe
and the chef who has cooked it up.
Look it up!

Magic is a Silent prayer
Not dependent on the player’s intention
But rather a Natural invention
with which I Am aligned.

And in my central place
the look upon my face
might be similar to awe.

Magic is raw
and before it I is humble;

You’ll not find me fumbling around
Mumbling incantations
Bumbling and blathering like an idiot
Waving my hands and lathering at the mouth
Stumbling with incipient focus.

Hocus Pocus Alakazoo!
I eschew the jumbling of the meaninglessly personal

Ego crumbling before the Noble Truth that says:
Pain and Joy and every feeling in between
is best viewed stoically upon the skein of Fate
My own slate white and clean.

For Real Magic is the dominion of My Lord
And if it is Their wish, I shall feel anything at all.