Thoughts Create Reality: The Rationale!

Rationally, I think this statement can be understood in several ways.

  • Consider the measurement problem of quantum physics. To paraphrase Wiki:

The measurement problem in quantum mechanics is the problem of how (or whetherwave function collapse occurs.

The wave function in quantum mechanics evolves deterministically as a linear superposition of different states. However, actual measurements always find the physical system in a definite state. Any future evolution of the wave function is based on the state the system was discovered to be in when the measurement was made, meaning that the measurement “did something” to the system that is not obviously a consequence of Schrödinger evolution. The measurement problem is describing what that “something” is, how a superposition of many possible values becomes a single measured value.

In short, physics is addressing this very question as we speak, and it is not an easy one.

On the other hand, look at it from an experiential perspective. Take a condition that everyone is familiar with – emotional moods – and consider how these moods effect everyone to come into contact with them. Good or bad, happy or sad, the effect, even without words, is visceral when one enters the orbit of another’s mood. One person’s thoughts are creating an energy field. Another person is picking up on that and creating thoughts to define that, thereby effecting their own personal mood. Unless we get into the electromagnetism of the condition and then we’re getting back to physics. But I think psychology is more appropriate.

Now let’s consider the non-local healing phenomenon. How does that work? Because now there is documentation and case study to make it a forgone conclusion that there is indeed something at play here. Intention and applied awareness are doing something at the particle level.

Consider motivation. Napolean Hill, to reference just one of the many coaches to suggest that physical abundance and achievement begin with a burning desire for the same. And isn’t it the case? The measure of my success will most often be determined by the amount of effort I put in, itself determined by the quality of my intention. My thoughts on a given issue are going to be the first director of how the reality unfolds.

There are so many grounded ways to explain the concept of thoughts create reality. Every creation of man begins with a thought. Every work of art. Yes, this concept is metaphysical, but that doesn’t mean it’s woo woo mumbo jumbo.