POWER of The 3rd Eye

What is the third eye?

  • Ajna Chakra?
  • The Eye of Horus?
  • The all-seeing eye on the dollar?
  • The Pineal gland?
  • That fire-spitting orifice on Shiva’s brow?

It’s everywhere, in myth and legend, on the various paths of mystical tradition, and perhaps best known as one of the chakras according to the Indian philosophical science of Yoga/Tantra. The concept of an all-seeing eye, or third eye, is so popular that one of the most powerful governments in the world decided to feature the image prominently on the face of its national currency labeling it the Eye of Providence.

But what is it? Or what does it represent? And can it be viewed from a scientific perspective? It’s often linked to the pineal gland whose function is to produce melatonin and DMT, regulating the body in this way and that and whose morphology and function has been linked with psychological disorder such as schizophrenia. Disorder? Or are the current passengers on our modern day ships of fools actually of an activated capacity required to ‘see through’ the apparent chaos of the life’s systems?

There is some need to read beyond this dialectical culture of ours to try and intuit the meaning of these metaphors we use to express dimensions that can’t always be expressed logically. What is the science of the third eye? Where is the overlap between personal and objective awareness? Is objectivity possible? Is the scientific method valid in its own right? Does it offer value to our lives, in parallel or as adjuvant to personal awareness? Can the scientific method be applied to the metaphysical?

We humans operate with a variety of energies, intelligences and faculties of mind. We sense. We employ will and deploy intention. We analyze, imagine and intuit. We know and need and desire. We are psycho-physical creatures with the added dimensions of emotion and something we vaguely refer to as the spiritual. And everything we see of ourselves, is viewed with an inner eye as opposed to the physical eye which obviously cannot be used to view a thought.

The third eye is an inner eye. It is the eye which one will use during the latter limbs of Patanjali’s Ashtangha. It is the eye employed during the Buddhist’s jhana. It is the eye which intuits the Yogi’s Gyana. This inner eye is a Great Witness and operates in many dimensions in a lot of different ways.

How do you open your third eye? It’s already open.

More applicable questions might be:

  • How do I raise my emotional intelligence quotient?
  • How do I train my intuition?
  • How do I distinguish between imagination, inspiration, prescience and memory?
  • How do I use the inner sight to navigate the 5 sheaths of physical existence as is described in the yogic kosha system (if you’re doing that).
  • What roles does the inner eye play during meditation?
  • What objective operations can the inner eye be employed for?

There are many relevant questions a curious seeker after self-knowledge and self-realization might ask. Yours is a good one. Let me return the question and I invite you to engage me in the comments if I’ve resonated with you.

What is it that YOU want to do with an open 3rd eye? What does it mean to YOU to have that energy activated?

How do I know that it has opened?

Close your eyes. Visualize anything. Could you do it? That’s one way.

One might be tempted to invoke neurology and put the onus of mind associations squarely with the occipital and parietal lobes of the brain. And still there is what looks like a picture in your mind’s eye of that image your visualizing.

Eyes open or closed, it doesn’t matter. Recall a feeling. Try to feel it again. There are a number of variables at play here. The mind’s eye is only one.

Again one might be tempted to lay the responsibility on the limbic system, the place between the brain stem and the two cerebral hemispheres that includes the amygdala, the hypothalamus, and the hippocampus. But what is it that is doing the recognizing of the current operation?

What is it used for? Well, besides what I have already written, now we get to talk about real magic and alignment with the Cosmic Nature, don’t we?