The MAPS & KEYS of Human Potential

Maps are awesome. Haven’t we all been a little fascinated by the imagery over time? From ancient culture-centric maps that invariably placed one’s own locale at the center of the universe – this one is Jerusalem –

To those gorgeously detailed star charts that tickle us with profound theories of cosmology as seen here in an obscure 18th century piece titled PLANISPHÆRIUM CŒLESTE” by the artist: Matthias Seutter.

The idea that man is able to map the heavens and the earth is startling for its vast implications and validation of the intelligent design at the core of man’s own cognitive processes.

Man has looked without and within, viewed and understood the terrain, traversed the wilds exploring deep and wide, and come back from so many expeditions with journals full of experience and wonder. The journals of these master explorer’s and scientists of the greatest reality, have given us maps of existence, empowering us to follow in their footsteps and even enabling us with the knowledge to build upon what they have left us.

For instance, see how the anatomical map of a human body has changed in 300 years. This is a model from 18th century Ayurvedic science.

And this is what we would study in medical school today.

What will be looking at in another 300 years? While the energy masters of Indus cultures give us maps of nadis and koshas.

Advanced astrophysical observation begs us look into the furthest reaches of interdimensional objectivity as it seeks to reconcile physical reality with its obverse anti or dark matter.


That the mind of man can reach so broadly and define so precisely every facet of reality!

We have mind maps for every category of mindfulness known. Just look here at the one simple category of persuasion. Look at what’s involved in human communication process!

Maps and hierarchies of human thought, need, potential and development. Blueprints and instructions for building everything from the physical to the metaphysical!

Look at how the European enlightenment renaissance built upon the ancient oriental wisdom.

Intriguing, no?! Languages from all over the world, concepts from myriad cultures – all thrown together to leave a message for those who travel this path next. And of course there are keys to reading the maps found in the proper tomes in the proper libraries.

Why would anyone ever burn a library? Or a book? Or look at experiential knowledge askance?

See what you are missing? This is just one little map of one little center of existence that the Tibetans call the Chakra of the Heart. Interestingly, the map isn’t accessed visually at all. But through sound! How incredibly fascinating!

And look at what their Chinese cousins were doing meanwhile. Only precisely revealing the extent of consciousness through mathematics, semiotics and allegory presented in a system of philosophy so advanced it would take the world about two-thousand years to catch up.

Actually it still hasn’t caught up. But the overwhelming availability of the technology, maps, guides and keys today has made every corner of the universe all the more accessible and it makes me wonder how anybody could ever claim to be lost.

False information abounds, sure. People tend to mangle facts by dropping the turds of their opinions all over the footsteps that we could otherwise clearly follow to the goal. People who have not walked the path offering directions over the next pass, like labeling Kundalini a chakra, defining the godhead, giving dietary advice minus any real education in nutrition – real quackery exists in the medical, psychological, philosophical, mystical, physical, even mechanical and financial professions. Hell, every industry has got its quackery, drawing away confidence that might otherwise allow the novitiate or approaching innocent an amiable entrance to the conduit of their dream.

But hey, there’s even a map for that! A map that confers the power of proper differentiation and discrimination. A map that allows you to read all other maps with a clear eye and quickly realize when the key is lacking. It is the philosopher’s stone of maps! Possess the key to this map and your path is golden. Not easy. Golden. I’m talking about what the yogin refer to as ajna chakra, shivnetra or the third eye.

This one key allows for the reading of every map. It is not instant knowledge. Rather, it is command of faculties of understanding. With this key, you cannot be fooled. You cannot be lead astray. You can see!

Ah, now that’s a handy key, if ever there was one. A key to all the maps. A key that shows you how to ask the right questions and empowers you with an equanimity enabling you to listen to and hear the answers.

Lots of people reach out to me after reading my tales of travels here and there. You seek the way in, or to make the path a little clear. Sure. That’s what maps are for. Hey, I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

With such a key like this in your possession, which map would you want to read first?