Sleep Paralysis: Remember Your Breath!

If the fight/flight reflex of the amygdala has been triggered and the panic instinct has risen, you are stuck between alpha and theta-wave brain patterns on your way to sleep and dream.

Conscious awareness still remains, so try only to recall the FACT that you are still breathing. That your body knows how to breathe and will continue to be absolutely fine no matter what occurs.

Try to recall the FACT that as you breathe and relax, your Vagus nerve is being affected by your technique.

REMEMBER that the Vagus nerve is the primary conduit of so-called ‘energies’ in your parasympathetic nervous system and it is being directly affected by your breath.

Depending on your breath, your blood vessels may dilate and the heart may slow. Tingling and vibrations might be felt much more intensely when the brain is no longer in the Beta active state because the noise has gotten quiet and you are more in tune with what’s happening inside.

RECALL physiological response as FACT and be confident that your body KNOWS what it’s doing. Take confidence from this and allow your breath to normalize. Finally bring yourself out of meditation. Or go deeper. Or just go to sleep in peace.

If you decide that you’d like to go deeper, to explore the potential of theta-wave consciousness, please read further on the dimensional state of hypnagogia.