A Working Man’s Guide To The “Law Of Attraction”

Have a vision for your life or career. Have a mission. Have a goal. Create an action plan. Take massive action in alignment with the aforesaid. Now watch as your circle of influence immediately conforms. Next, expand your circle of influence. Simultaneously watch as the ‘universe’ begins to synchronistically conform to your ideas and actions. This is particularly true when your vision, mission, goal and acts are in alignment with the times and in accord with physical possibility.

LoA Doesn’t Suffer Bullshit. And it’s not miracle work. No pots of gold sliding off rainbows into your lap. Real, verifiable, physical healing is the same. Stage 4 cancer cannot be wished away, and yet thermodynamic energy and brain wave frequency, intention and energy artistry, in conjunction with lifestyle, actually combine to work wonders.

Vision | Intention | Action in all cases, determines the outcome, in alignment with the possible.

“Not my will but Thy Will” is also applicable here.

There are some real nuggets of wisdom strewn about time. The one that alludes to the idea that we are, in fact, virtual magnets, is the one that I’ve attempted to parse here, but it’s a deep, deep truth phrased in so many different ways. Be the change you would see. What you think is what you become.

Anyway, yeah, LoA. Good stuff! Someone turned this ‘universal principle’ into a multi-million dollar book deal and everyone wants to live the miracle, but only some are willing to balance the magical with the reality. Fewer are actually prepared to put in the work. And one or two are just damned lucky no matter how you slice it. Guess we have to talk about karma next.