A Working Man’s Guide To The “Law Of Attraction”

The Ace of Disks
The Root of the Powers of the Earth

In a tradition dating back to the first Tarot decks created in Italy, creators would sign or seal their decks on either the Two or Ace of Disks. This is a call to seal your name on your creation. In other words, get willed up and get real! The power is verily in thy hands, if you know how to use it.

The Ace of Disks represents materiality in all respects. Gain, success, power and wealth are yours for the taking. But the lesson comes in the knowledge of the Truth when it comes to manifestation.

A Working Man’s Guide To The “Law Of Attraction”

This is the very first topic I get into in most coaching engagements.

Manifestation doesn’t fail. It never fails! Most people simply do not know what they want to create. And if they do have an idea, a vision, they do not know how to skillfully engage life at all levels to bring that vision into reality.

Have a vision for your life or career. Have a mission. Have a goal. Create an action plan. Take massive action in alignment with the aforesaid. Now watch as your circle of influence immediately conforms. Next, expand your circle of influence. Simultaneously watch the synchronicity as the ‘universe’ begins to conform to your ideas and actions. This is particularly true when your vision, mission, goal and acts are in alignment with the times and in accord with physical possibility.

Law of Attraction Doesn’t Suffer Bullshit

Neither is it miracle work. Nor will you find pots of gold sliding off rainbows into your lap. Real, verifiable, physical healing is the same. Stage 4 cancer cannot be wished away, and yet thermodynamic energy and brain wave frequency, intention and energy artistry, in conjunction with lifestyle, actually combine to work wonders. The best witch cannot light a candle and whisper words into the wind to call your lover to you. That lover must already exist in the timeline for the spell to have something onto which to attach.

Vision | Intention | Action in all cases, determines the outcome, in alignment with Freedom, Will, Knowledge and Potential Reality.

Not my will but Thy Will

Luke 22:42

Engage Life at all Levels

Maslow defines practical levels according to a hierarchy of needs, beginning with the most fundamental needs for survival (food, shelter, security) and working upwards through more foundational psychological (mental-emotional) needs such as self-esteem, love, community.

At the Pinnacle of Maslow’s hierarchy comes what Carl Jung termed individuation, or self-actualization. Both subtle and practical, it’s a completeness and perfection of the mind-body-soul model, a clean state of being that, frankly, the psychological sciences don’t define in nearly enough detail for my liking. For this, I go to the Indian philosophies.

Next, synchronicity and serendipity take us into more subtle considerations. There are forces at play in life, forces that interact with the psychophysical interface we know as the human condition of embodiment. There are macrocosmic forces and microcosmic forces. The physics forces, like electromagnetism, are good examples of verifiable forces at both macro and micro scales. But the force of something like synchronicity, another ‘Jungism’ is very subtle, and describes an interrelationship between the conscious faculties of a human being, and Nature itself.

This conversation will go deep. There are layers within layers. Approaches to the practical that are efficient and effective for one person but not another. The subtle layers of reality are many, too, and engagements vary, as do applications of intention.

Intention, imagination, wishful thinking, determination, conviction, focus, attention, contemplation, consideration, faith, belief, meditation – these all mean different things. They are different mechanisms and capacities, meant for engaging life in different ways, by skillful means, each producing different effects and outcomes. Each can be used to purpose, in alignment with will, knowledge and capacity for activity.

And most importantly, in alignment with ‘Reality’. This last is sadly where too many people lose their footing first. ‘Reality’ exists before I attach my own beliefs and storyline to it. For instance, I might believe that manifestation means to wish for riches and wait for the clouds to part and rain doubloons, or Lucky the Leprechaun to come knocking on my door someday. I will be waiting a long time. Manifestation must align with reality.

There’s much more to this as you might well imagine. Engaging life at all levels is the privilege of the free. It is your birthright. To know what you’re doing and take charge of your life.

There are some real nuggets of wisdom strewn about time. The one that alludes to the idea that we are, in fact, virtual magnets, is the one that I’ve attempted to parse here. It’s a deep, deep truth phrased in so many different ways. Be the change you would see. What you think is what you become.

These universal principles are taught on the lecture circuit, promoted indiscriminately on YouTube, most often with very fundamental details lacking. Misinformation, or partial information rules the day and everyone wants to live the miracle, but only some are willing, knowing and active enough to balance the magical with the real. Few are actually prepared to put in the work. I Guess we have to talk about karma next, not to mention cultural conditioning, personal bias, and a whole lot more on the power of words.