Recommended Method For “Coming Back” From A DEEP Meditation

Deep meditation implies several possible states of being. Metaphysically you are at one of three stages:

  • 1. Awareness is merged into the Great Silence, the Void.
  • 2. Awareness rests at the precipice of Silence, tranquilly aware of itself, resting in bliss.
  • 3. Awareness encompasses the totality of the sentient; you sense everything as you approach the cusp of the Void.


  • The brain is operating in a low frequency, high amplitude theta-delta wave state.
  • Slowed breathing has paradoxically increased blood oxygenation and down-regulated sympathetic nervous system while the parasympathetic sees an increase in activity. In other words, fight or flight and all that implies, is reduced, while life energies, the so-called feed and breed energies are activated.

Interestingly, the best evidence for the method of coming out of a deep state of meditation that I will recommend is found in neuro-scientific studies which show us that people have a greater difficulty coming out of a stage 3–4 sleep pattern, delta, and more easily return from earlier stages, theta-alpha. At the same time, people who experience increased alpha wave activity, or quietly flowing, consistent thoughts, during the later stages 3–4 of sleep, report waking up not fully refreshed and still tired no matter how long they’ve slept.

Finally, there is the recent understanding that gamma brain waves, the highest frequency brainwave operating at 38hz–42hz, are associated with simultaneous processing of different brain areas, passing information most rapidly and efficiently, quietly, subtly, operating above the frequency of neural firing. Gamma waves have been found to be most present during states in which the person is actively perceiving universal love, altruism and the higher virtues. How the gamma waves are activated currently remains a mystery.

This information taken together supports the following method of returning from a state of deep meditation via intention in the following order.

Silence delta > Bliss delta-theta > All-encompassing Awareness theta-beta > Now bring the focus to the altruistic affirmation activating gamma > dharana, hold and engage while the gamma rises > open your eyes.

Hold and Engage While the Gamma Rises

The previous sentence was the clue, viz. the focus on altruistic intent or ideal. Dharana means a steady concentration. Engage could be anything from an intellectual clarification of the intention, to a ritual visualization of affirming action based on said altruistic intent, to subtle prayer, to physical movement like mudra, or other, as the mind and body are now sufficiently close to wakefulness to be used consciously. Actually, when not enveloped in the Silence of the Void, every sheath of Self is able to be actively engaged.