“Focused On Breath” I fell Into THE VOID

A good meditation will see you go through several stages.

From scattered attention, you might move into focused awareness and from focused awareness, one of two things generally happens.

The mind may re-introduce the superfluous, you become distracted, and lose focus.

Or, your meditation becomes so deep that you forget you are meditating. You are approaching the Great Silence. The Void. You are on the cusp of merging with the infinite, if you don’t fall into a delta brain-wave pattern and fall asleep. If you are able to remain steadfast at this place, a more encompassing awareness ensues. This is why Patanjali advocates for pratyahara, or sense withdrawal, before the concentration and meditation exercises. If you can maintain your awareness without use of the senses, you will be empowered to take up the task of concentration when those same senses have become obsolete in the theta brain-wave state.

Still, if you have tripped and fallen into the void while focused on your breath, this too is correct meditation.

However, be aware. There are also cases of people employing incorrect breathing patterns and over-breathing – almost hyperventilating. This has also been known to bring about loss of awareness, bordering on fainting. When this is the case, the practitioner might firstly feel lightheaded, or light-bodied, you know, kind of tingly... Rigidity may also be a precursor to the loss of awareness in this instance as well.