REAL SCIENCE To Raise Your Spiritual Vibration

WARNING: Unorthodox Terrain

Everything is interconnected.
Spiritual does not exist apart from the physical.

If it is the electrons that carry the negative charge and the protons that carry the positive, our job will be to produce a free proton, or a proton that is in no way bound to a nucleon or an electron.

If also, the proton is understood to be that very same particle which was found at the center of the hydrogen nucleus and hydrogen is known to be 75% of the universe’s mass, then we have an idea, firstly, of the sheer potential for positive manifestation.

Furthermore, if we understand that a rise in temperature, or other injection of high energy, will allow us to separate the protons from their enslavement to the electrons, then we have a good basis upon which to understand the nature of the answer we seek.

Meditation is not the ideal method of raising or otherwise summoning positive spiritual energy. Meditation is nothing more or less than a gateway, a tunnel, a vehicle for observation and/or travel between dimensions of being.

Friction generates heat. Intention generates desire. We can separate the protons and create a singularly positive charge, but what’s the point? The Mayo Clinic still hasn’t decided whether or not Protons are a valid adjuvant therapy in their fight against cancer. Personally I suggest that they may be missing something. The electron!

Hydrogen particles consist of one proton and one electron – a positive and negative charge. Add to this a bit of breath and voilla – water! Boom, the most abundant element in the universe. The most abundant element on Earth, in our bodies, our brains.

I suggest that if one really wants to summon positive spiritual energy, then one must hydrate. One must be possessed of desire. One must cause a bit of friction within their own minds through analysis and deep introspection, chomping hard at the bits that seem to contradict.

Magic is not a walk in the park; it takes a bit of effort.

In the East, the Sages like to exhort that there is no Shiva without Shakti, and vice versa. After all, what would the Yang do without the Yin. He’d be a guppy swimming in a lonely pond.

If you want to raise positive spiritual energy, you need to acknowledge the whole game and synergize it. Sublimate it. Observe and recognize it. Take responsibility for it. Own it. What’s it? The shadow existing in the light, or vice versa. The negative on the obverse of every positive. One cannot live without the other in this world of twos. To neglect one in favor of the other is just asking for trouble. To force it, is going to see the neglected child come back and bite you later.

So what’s a free proton to do? Band together and play acid rock, live the life of a happy, healthy hippie hand in hand with my mitochondria getting high on our ATP? Or maybe take a walk to the other side of the tracks like a good Aghori mystic, have a chat with our electron brothers, form a union and really get this party started.

How to Summon Positive Energy

Know yourself. Know yourself to be the whole. Get a sense of the unlimited power and potential in the knowledge of your freedom. Energy is thought. Think and grow rich! (Napolean Hill) But really, we are the products of our inner dialogues and it pays to take heed. The universe is listening!