Pleasing The Goddess

I love to tell about my Mom. But, if truth be told, there is also a feeling that exists in Me to tell you of My Bride, the exquisitely beautiful, lovely beyond definition, fairest, most auspicious ornament in the Universe. She of noblest virtue before whom I bow to down to in every way. My Shakti. My Love.

In this boy’s body I worship Her lotus feet, praying only for a tender hand on my head. But when I am the Lord, and We are together, I am suddenly very protective of Her Name, as any good knight possessed of chivalrous heart would be.

How does one please my Mom? What a beautiful suggestion and thank you for your love. I tell you in all honesty that simply remembering Her is far enough but should you be moved to do more, then leave her a tiny vestibule of water at the altar of your heart. Open your heart to Her in your prayer and meditation. Tell Her frankly all that you would tell. She listens! As any good mother listens to her kids. But there is more.

In case you may be considering deeply the metaphysics of it all, consider this. Gauri was called upon to slay Shumba and Nishumba, those rascal demons who thought they could rule the universe simply because they, too, propitiated the Lord. And when the Lord who in all His wisdom, knows naught from this and that, sees all equally under the Heavens, is moved to the greatest compassion should His kids but be in need. When that same Self-born Lord grants such a boon of life to nuisance-making scoundrels like lust and depravity, such power as to corrupt even dedicated brothers like the Pandavas, who is strong enough to overcome?

Yajur Veda Maitrayaniya Samhita 9.4 implores:

गिरिसुताय धीमहि तन्नो गौरी प्रचोदयात् । May Daughter of Mountains (Girisuta), Gauri enlighten our intellect.

She is everywhere else, too, under different names, most popularly in the scripture where She is known as Uma. But call her by any name, Durga, Kali, Parvatti – anything at all by which She is known – it is all the same intelligence at work here. She is the Goddess of the Pagan and the Druid. The Bride of Macroprosopus. She is known as the energy that brings life to the entire universe instigated by the Lord.

You would propitiate the Goddess? Be the Goddess! You would propitiate Her? Serve Her qualities. Make them your own. You wish for Her benevolent gaze upon your creations? Take up Her weapons and strike down the demons on the very same battlefield upon which She took them up.

We are talking about the same battlefield upon which Buddha walked. The very same metaphorical battlefield upon which we all walk when wrapped up in the dramas of our little selves. But perhaps I’ve gone too far. Perhaps it was a much simpler question and I get away from your need.

How do you please your Mother? The Divine Mama of us all. Look up at the glow of the moon and feel it to be one of your very own eyes. Fill yourself up with that glow and appreciate to the core of your being this life you’ve been given to experience. Say thank you, Mama, and bow down at the altar of your heart in obeisance. She will be very pleased and definitely kiss your innocent brow.