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Real Healing Requires Validation

The psycho-physical body gets wounded. And it heals. Verification of this truth at the physical level is easy; we’ve simply to look at the physical body with our eyes when it’s wounded on the surface, or to feel it with our tactile senses when the wound is subcutaneous. Verification of healing on the surface is similarly easy. The wound is either open, or it’s closed. Wounds under the surface require a bit more insight. For instance if the wound has tunneled and exists away from nerve endings, it may be difficult to subjectively assess its progress. How much more difficult to assess the wounds of the mind? How much more difficult to assess the healing?

Every day tens of thousands of people seek diagnosis and healing on social media boards across the net and people from all traditions offer their arts in answer. We’re all familiar with the words ‘reiki’, ‘pranic healing’ and ‘chakra balancing’. But how about ‘radiesthesia’? Now there’s a good one! It’s defined as the ability to detect radiation given off by the body, by paranormal means. Okay, fine. Detection of the energy bodies are a fundamental of many path practices whether Shamanic, Yogic, Daoist or Qabalist – the origin story is the same.

The basic premise underscoring most wisdom traditions is that once upon a time, before time itself, the unlimited, unfathomable light that is Original Non-dual Source, invested itself with limitation and capacity, in the greatest act of Original Love, in order that it Become. And so it Became. And what that GOD became is called GODDESS. Source begat time and space and motion. ENERGY was born. And now the Story of evolution from a Big Bang begins as She, our Mother Nature, begins to evolve to eventually culminate in the human condition.

This is the founding principle upon which all energy traditions are based, that we in fact are, as embodiments of the Divine, that very same Energy the created the universe. This is a fundamental of the spiritual path. Awakening 101. And because it makes sense, it’s easy to just accept it at face value and not seek any particular verification or validation of the story. And that’s fine, too, if the story serves you. After all, it’s via the stories and beliefs we hold near and dear that we will go forward and create our reality, so if this story brings you joy, so much the better. But when the story interferes with your joy, it’s time to test its veracity.

Healing wounds is one of those times that discernment and verification serves purpose. Who knows if the energy dealer you meet on Reddit or Quora is actually tuned in to the cosmic vibe to such a degree that they may actually affect a great healing? Well, you know actually. You might not understand the jargon, like when the crafty energy broker begins to punctuate their energy diagnoses with geobiological terms like bovis values to substantiate claims of negative entity attachments, or worse, invoke epigenetics as a way to promote the value of pricey energy transmissions on the way to altering your DNA for transmutation into electric golden enlightenment. What you will know immediately, however, is how you feel and what you see.

On the way to self-mastery, we seek to rectify what we were on the way to being something better. The best versions of ourselves. When we are broken we seek to mend. When we suffer we seek the way out of that suffering. Are you seeking healing? Well health is verifiable. And it’s true, a hug can heal a broken heart depending on the depth of that break. Sometimes a few weeks of sustained hugs are required. And it’s true that a good friend with a good ear and a good shoulder can affect a good healing, too. What kind of magic is that? Spirit energy. Yes, there are healers and there are readers of the energy lines. Magic exists and we all contain the spark of source as children of the divine. But keep in mind, real healing is verifiable. When the broken leg mends you can walk on it again without pain and it supports you like before. Similar the broken heart. When it mends you will find yourself ready to be with love again. And what about the broken child? The trauma we carry? The guilt? The depression? The despair? The lack of motivation? The PTSD? And all the rest – what about those? Can they be healed with an application of energy? Of intent? Of will? Jesus walked the Earth and they say miracles were done and yet leper colonies still existed right nearby. Anger and drama and trauma and war and envy and the rest existed right nearby. Buddha died of food poisoning. Could he not see that coming?

On the way to self-mastery we practice a great discrimination and discernment while engaged in our path practices. We acknowledge what is and is not with great integrity. We even acknowledge the place that our wishful thinking might hold if only to be able to recognize when the charlatan comes knocking. And above all, we learn for ourselves the truth of our essential nature, in order that we might align ourselves with the Mother Nature, even amidst the rest of the stories we have to tell ourselves to engage with our day to day. And in that alignment we learn about our inner resources, the very same capacities that the God invested itself with in order to become, us, and together we come to understand how to affect our own healing at every level. Verifiably. There are great and valid teachings, teachers and path practices all over the world to help us know ourselves, put us in touch with the wealth of resources at our disposal and support us on our journeys, both forward on our spiritual evolutions, as well as into the creation that we would manifest here on Earth. Real Yoga is one of those integral approaches to clarity and deep personal integrity. It’s a path of life practice that puts you, your freedom and your joy at the center of the design. And that’s not just wishful thinking, but rather the beginning of the fulfillment of your very purpose for existing. And you can take that particular recognition as just one of the most powerful tools in your resource chest with which to affect, not only healing at every level, but creation itself according to any design you might envision.