Past Life Recall: Possible!

Compare what you know with what think might be. During meditation, if you see visions, then you will also feel something according to these visions. Keep a journal. You may already have suspicions regarding who you may have been. Research these people deeply. Compare yourself. Who are you today that leads you to believe you may have been that person? Be honest. Nobody’s looking except you. Are you seeing scenes you could not otherwise have encountered through textbook or conversation? Research. Do these places exist?

What are you recalling? What is the relationship with that person in the past? What are your interests and inclinations today? What resembles that person in the past? Test yourself. Ask yourself questions before researching the answers. Favorite objects, people, dispositions. What would so and so have said or done in a particular situation? How do you compare?

What are you dreaming? Keep a journal. What about your personality today is not in keeping with your upbringing? Which place resonates with you the most? Travel there. Feel. And be honest with yourself.

The status quo seems to be that we do not bring our memories back with us past the barrier. A few however seem to do it. I did. I understand myself to have lived as several people. And sometimes when your intuition is developed to a point you will get spontaneous knowledge, too. Knowledge that is irrefutable and still, you must confirm it. Remember. The scientific method is your friend, and yet, science won’t be able to take you all the way in this case so you’re going to have to apply real integrity to your objectivity.

And when all is said and done, though the knowledge may help you understand who you are and why you are the way you are today, it will ultimately be meaningless in the greater scheme when you realize that this is not the knowledge that you are needing, not the destination towards which you are going, but it may let you have some peace of mind and allow you to move on to the next exercise in your development.

Consider also that Buddha once advised that there were certain constructs that were entirely imponderable. The precise understanding of the results of karma was one such imponderable construct, and reincarnation might just fall under this category. It comes pretty close anyway. Here’s a bit of further reading regarding how I trace a vision when it nags at me too much.