Measure “The Efficacy” Of Your Meditation

How do you measure the efficacy of your meditation? Or do you play it by ear? Did you even know that there is vast potential in meditation and various outcomes to strive for?

When using your meditation for stress relief, you can measure the reduction of tension with a body scan, feeling the tension versus the relaxation, monitoring the heart beats and the rhythm of the breath.

Or if you’re working with visioning as well as breath, one of the fundamental practices of the so-called ‘reiki’, a Japanese word meaning only ‘spirit energy’, you can guide your intention to manifest any of a vast variety of healing outcomes. For instance, if you have high blood pressure, it is easy to test that after meditation. If you have high blood sugar, you’ll requires a blood test. If you are trying shrink a tumor, it requires a CT or an MRI. Don’t proceed with subjective data alone. Science is your friend!

Meditation For Magical Operations

What is the sought-after outcome? Did it manifest? When you send out your intention to ride on the waves of the will of God, sometimes your will and God’s will are in alignment. Sometimes you are the vehicle for God’s judgment. And sometimes it is only your imagination; greed, lust, attachment and this and that have grabbed you. Go back to square one.

It’s easy to measure the effect. Look. Did it work? Your meditation is focused on world peace. How peaceful did your neighbor become? You are seeking to manifest wealth? What opportunities came knocking on the door? Did you find a quarter on the street? You are trying to contact the Holy Guardian Angel. You hear a voice whispering in your inner ear. How do you know it’s not your imagination? That’s another measurement altogether. And so on.

Meditation For Samadhi (Enlightenment, Nirvana)

Discern the development of your emotional intelligence. What is different from your patterns of youth, your twenties, the last 6 months? Discern the differences in your intellectual approach to problem solving. Is objectivity increasing? Dispassion? Neutrality? Are you more and more able to see both sides of the issue clearly and appreciate both as good? Is love and growing? Are you still judging this and that unconsciously? Are you conscious of your judgements? Are you equanimous? Always?

Meditation for energy operations. Measure the BTUs. Otherwise detect the heat. Otherwise light something on fire with your mind – that’s some serious chi progress. Are you levitating yet? Dreaming lucidly? Spontaneously healing. Rejuvenating? Strength increasing? Are you able to transmit energy through objects or to people. Are various psychic signs manifesting?

The efficacy of your meditation can be measured both objectively and subjectively depending on the outcome you’re after. Don’t get stuck in your imagination; it’ll tell you anything you want to hear. Even some stuff you’d be better off not hearing! Develop an objective approach and remember! The scientific method is your friend.

Principles of Scientific Method

Careful Observation

Application of Rigorous Skepticism to Observation

Form a Hypothesis

Measure Your Deductions

Refine Your Approach