Opening the “3rd Eye”

The yogin practice pranayama because we know that control of the breath enables control of the mind. When the mind is conditioned properly, energy moves from the vishuddha chakra into the ajna chakra, the third eye. This chakra contains two bija mantras – one for Shakti, the other for Shiva.

Ajna Chakra (The 3rd Eye)

Ajna means command. Here in ajna chakra we consider that the Guru, Shiva, has taken command and reins in His bride, Shakti, keeping Her with Him, never again allowing Her to go off and flirt with lower self-identification again. This is the way of the Aghora and the Nath yogin who seek always to unite Her with Her Lord.

So what must you do to bring Her up? You yourself must be familiar with the shunya state of emptiness, which is precisely full of everything in manifest and un-manifest existence. You must know your own individuality within that because in ajna there is still duality but you have risen beyond the thought of the mundane to see things exactly as they are. You have gone beyond the five elements and three gunas and all of your karmic debts have been repaid.

Now, writing as a Shivnetra Yogi, that’s 3rd Eye Yogi, Jnana Yogi, I will tell you the whole truth and bust your illusion wide open. Are you ready?

Self is vast, vaster than anything closed eyes can imagine. Self encompasses the little mind, the imagination, the intellectual process, learning and this and that. But here comes the bomb; I’m not sure you’ll be able to handle it.

Deities are constructs of the mind.

Did you get that? Can You wrap your Self around that idea?

Self encompasses the deities, too. We are One.

You can activate the 3rd eye by your Self. But you cannot do that. Only You can do that. No deity of the little I will come from someplace beyond Self to help Self achieve what Self already is. You wants to open the 3rd eye? Close its eyes and stop looking at what its always looked at, and begin seeing what really is.