NINE “Secrets” of Empowerment!

Inner strength comes from the experience of accomplishment, of having overcome hardship, of realizing that you are up to the task.

Inner strength is born of determination. of knowing viscerally that you absolutely will engage in the challenge before you.

Inner strength is a conviction born both of real knowledge and of burning desire. When these characteristics are there, you are certain to be possessed of an inner fortitude that will see you along your path.

Confidence comes also as a result of the above inner strength. Further, it is born from realizing the truth of your own Nature and your connection to the Nature around you.

Confidence comes from understanding the truth, that most things are simply not within your control. It is like a surrender to the understanding that things are very fine as they are, and will continue to be so with or without your interference.

Confidence comes from surrendering yourself to the feet of the Lord and allowing yourself to be a puppet. No more little ‘I’. Not my will, but Thy will. And confidence develops more and more as you see and acknowledge every prayer answered and realize your true place in the hierarchy of life. You are something like a Divine spark.

Calmness is not judging this and that to be anything other than what it is.

Calmness comes from letting go of the need to insert yourself into drama.

Calmness comes from realizing how to just be happy with what you have and who you are and what you are doing. Knowing that you are perfect on your way.

And yet, every situation is not the time for calm. Sometimes you have to be on fire, too!

Every situation is not the time for confidence. Sometimes its quite fine to be hesitant, step back, discern properly.

And even sometimes to let go of the inner strength for a moment. Cry and grieve. Be drunk with good humor. Not take anything too seriously at all.

Not to avoid the human condition, but to embrace it wholeheartedly. Not seeking to hard for the spiritual, but knowing that you are already that. This is the way to inner strength, confidence and calmness.