Aghora & Shivnetra: “Brothers On The Path”

The Shivnetra Yogin are seers; the Aghori Yogin are doers.
A Shivnetra Yogi sees everything. An Aghori Yogi does anything.

The reason for our special relationship is due to this fact. We are the same. We see precisely and clearly what our brothers the Aghori are doing. We are not seeing with our own eyes. Rather we are like a witness. We are the Divine, just watching. Our brothers know this, so protecting us like family.

Aghori also sees everything clearly, too. Make no mistake. But their disposition is more wild. Shivnetra also can do anything, go anywhere. But the disposition is more introspective. Gyana is the source for both. Kundalini Shakti, our Mom, supports us both equally. Both revere and worship Lord Shiva as the Oversoul, but an Aghori has a special place with the Mama.

It is a difficult question; we’re so similar. But having some different habits.

“I” does not exist. So who, or what is seeing? And what is being seen?

Forgive me, this isn’t a fancy play on words. But there is a reality beyond what the physical eye sees. Shivnetra sees within that. I does not see. God sees. And God shows the little man with the sight, with the understanding, the one alive in the body, all that can be seen in any given situation.

It is how to live a life on earth. There are layers and layers to be seen, of anybody and anything. It’s like a great understanding of what is, through sight. This is Shiva’s Eye.

An Aghori Master can walk in every dimension and direction, acting according to physical laws that go beyond the physics of the five senses, deep into the universal intention for want of a better word. Masters will become the vehicles for the acts of Nature with all that implies. Practicing Aghori, not yet reached full mastery, will commit almost any act in simple defiance of structure and belief, hammering the proverbial nail through their own psyches if only to be rid of the incessant chatter that cries this and that. Don’t mistake. We are not amoral. There’s still a deep respect for life. And a full comprehension of cause and effect which also tends to temper actions. We are advocates of innocence, or original human nature, hence never harming either physically or mentally or in any way. We are universal protectors. We are Nature’s own guardian children.

Introspective means we tend to look inwards when looking at all. But it is not forced or practiced. It is our Nature, to watch. The outer reality is reflected on the inside. It is there wherein the sight is revealed.

Yogi/sanyasi is one who has taken to this path. One does not need to take to this path in order to be of clear sight. We are called to this Way. Nature wakes up in us of Her own accord. It happens naturally and we absolutely must be as we are.