How Do I “Maintain My Enlightenment” When The Wife & Kids Are Stressing Me Out? I Wanna RAISE THEIR VIBE!

This word “ENLIGHTENMENT” has been so horribly maligned. The Wisdom Kings who originally coined the term, before it was brought into the Western New Age, used words like ‘Samadhi’, ‘Nibbana’ and ‘Jhana’ to explicitly describe the states of being so often described as enlightenment. Who exactly do we have to thank for this? Herman Hesse?

I guess it’s a culture thing. The west has had little historical context for these constructs; see how the Greek construct compares to give you an idea, and then notice how the so-called New Age has jumbled every level of woke-ness into one term – enlightenment. The ‘Age of Enlightenment, itself born of the Occult Renaissance of the 17th century, has come to be equated with everything from ego-destruction to never-ending bliss.

Enlightenment is not Samadhi. Enlightenment is not bliss. It’s a state of Self-realization, or self-actualization to use Jung’s word, and it doesn’t go away. Once realized, you cannot un-realize. You can lose mindfulness. You can be without any idea of how to use your potential and freedom. But once awake, you do not back to sleep.

Others’ vibrations are only effected by your own to a certain extent. Imagine if everyone’s vibrations could be affected precisely by the frequency which the Christ surely resonated at. He wouldn’t have lost the contest to Barabas; that’s for sure! Ah, a different legend for a different piece. But the same applies to Buddha, Sadhguru, Ram Dass, Mooji, Alan Watts or the Dalai Lama or anyone you acknowledge to be enlightened. If vibes were a thing that could be transferred, we’d all be living in a very different state of affairs today. The reality is that they simply cannot, and one needs to work through their own samskara and karma in their own time. There are actions to be taken with regards to any circumstance you happen to be engaged with, certainly. But vibration and self-realization is not enough.

You cannot change people. You can only watch them change.

So if the wife and kids are stressing you out, how might you help them to realize more loving relationships and styles of relating to each other? What kind of leadership position can you take? What kind of mirror, or model, can you be? If your enlightenment is established, then surely you’ve got the mechanics of intention down already, right? So what’s your intention?

The scriptures are rife with examples of flared temperaments and violence even in the presence of sages. There’s no vibe to raise, I’m afraid. Even if you can maintain that state of being that sees the brain-wave pattern in a consistent state of gamma output, even then, some serious modeling and teaching needs to be employed if you’re wanting others to align with you, and even then, it’s not always guaranteed that other people are going to get it. They’ve got their own karma to work out, too, right? So what are you prepared to sacrifice for the family? What can you give from the center of your exalted state? How can you better serve? What is the relationship of True Love and our original State of Innocence to all this nonsense anyway?