I Want To Be A Healer!

Begin with the ancient proverb “Physician heal thyself.” Are you able to take this first step? Body and mind should be clean. Intention spotless, attention impeccable. No blind leading blind bullshit. There are far too many sufferers trying to rid themselves of their own private suffering by laying hands on others. Or worse, spouting ill-informed psychobabble in the guise of spiritual counseling as a means to overcome their own personal traumas. A healer is a white knight endowed with the power to serve noble cause. No fakirs allowed.

Do you have the gift? 
Regardless of what is trending on YouTube and the hundreds of Facebook groups with exotic titles, not everyone can be a healer. Whether it is shamanismghost healing, reiki or powers as seen in the movies; this goes beyond the currently trending Pranic Healing phenomenon, a science which is actually becoming validated more and more in recent years. If you want to develop the power of the Yogin, the Mystic Sorcerers or real Masters of Kung Fu, examine first your own disposition, proclivity and ability. Although Gaia tends to shine a creative light on the possible, magically attuning our awareness by stimulating our imagination and turning it towards our infinite potential, still, not everyone can be Yoda, though the Force is strong in some. Not everyone can bend water, though there are a few who can. Do you have an idea of your own potential?

How far are you willing to go to become what your soul calls out to become? As a student, are you studied? Have you really dove into the literature? Are you being facetious, superficial, having a bit of fun with the metaphysical? Do you think you’ve already got the cat by the balls, or are you really possessed by the vision and the burning sense of mission? Because you won’t get it otherwise. Real magic is not sold on Udemy for twenty bucks. You don’t just complete an advanced Reiki course and suddenly you’re a shaman. Get grounded in anatomy, physiology, biology and physics. Intern with an allopath and read up on the arts of the naturopath. Learn what is possible, and then – go on a quest!

Readers, it isn’t forbidden for me to share what I’m going to share with you now. So pay close attention and take notes. In the state of Himachal Pradesh, in the lower Himalayan mountain range, India side, there is the township of Sarsai and a village called Bosh. South of the town’s bazaar, just a few hundred meters through the apple orchards, you will find the hermitage of the Sage Agasthya. Pay homage at his samadhi before returning to the bazaar for a cup of chai. Enjoy your chai slowly. Let the dogs and children see you. Take note of their actions and reactions to you. They are telling you if you should proceed. Be honest with yourself. Read them correctly. If this quest is for you, you will know it by their smiles and the friendliness of the animals. Indeed, one or two of either may elect to accompany you.

Walk back Nagar way, a hundred meters up the road to the entrance of Bosh Village. The path on your left, into the mountains, will lead you first to Uma Maheshwara Ashram. Here you will propitiate the Maa first. Then you will worship at the Linga. Ask for Their blessings and They will see you on your way. Walk up into the hills and beyond. Far beyond. For two days. You will come to a magical lake. Ask anyone in any of the villages you pass through on your way. It is well known, but not easy to get to. Once you arrive, take rest. Anoint yourself with the holy waters and sit down in meditation. Call out to Veerabahu. Tell Him you have a message for the Supreme General, Lord Skanda. Empty your heart and say all that you have come to say; ask for all that you seek. Look around for the sign that your message has been received, leave whatever offering you have brought with you and go back the way you came. Your message has been brought to the Highest Council.

  • Only the most devoted can do the work of the Lord.
  • Only the most humble will be lifted up.
  • The power to heal is the power of creation; it rests hand in hand with the power of destruction, and the power of preservation.
  • It is not your power. It is a simple awareness, for people able to exist in simplicity. It is Her power. His power. Their power. You are nothing. Can you be nothing? If so, you’ve got a chance.