“Cutting Energy Cords”


Self-mastery means a lot of things. To me it means relentless, unflinching awareness, accountability and ownership of personal patterns. It means the will and discipline to act on a vision born of the acknowledgement of an inherent freedom at my core.

Self-mastery means eyes wide open on the Self. One Self. No here and there, this and that, higher and lower self – nothing to confuse. I know my purpose and move in alignment with that. Life and I are in accord; there is no conflict, and consequently, there is Natural support at every turn. We are in synch like great dance partners.

On the way to self-mastery, or liberation from the effects of a passive participation in my life, I own my creation and the creative powers invested in me by my Creator. Much gratitude here. Big joy. Here I am made to understand the play of reality through observation of the myriad forms in which the original energy manifests, not the least of which is how it manifests closest to me in accordance with personal intention and artistry.

Self-mastery to me means polishing my art vigorously and living in harmony with laws like karma, which will answer my every thought, and so with much vigilance do I keep watch on my mind that I may keep it tethered to its position as my servant and not the other way around.

Energy Cords

Since the moment I came into this world there has been an integral cord that cannot be cut until the life force is taken from the body. And within this waking form of mine, over time, She, the Mother, the Great Shakti has expressed Herself in every dimension, mirroring the cosmic dimensions She manifested at the original instigation of Source. And so the Axiom, ‘as above so below’. It is true! How could it possibly be otherwise?

Isn’t it the greatest of miracles, this development of a conscious human condition with a will that mirrors its Creators’? And I reach out, from the time I can crawl, in every direction I reach out and bind my will to the external, creating energetic ties. And I have never realized what I am doing, this great energy art. I have never realized the great play! Until one day I do. And then I feel the urge to look back at all I have done until this moment, perhaps cut a few of these energetic ties and make a great adjustment. It’s not always so quick and easy. Sometimes it’s quite complex.

On the way to self-mastery, sometimes I must unravel a great thread and make my way through a labyrinth of discovery to come back to the center and find the humming jewel that has ever been my beacon. And at the time I am confronted with another great and simple truth that is my choice to walk out again from center and enjoy any direction at all. Bid ‘my’ energy into any shape or manifestation at all. Create new ties. Again and again and again. Karma.

Self-mastery to me, above all, means a deep familiarity with the privilege of freedom of choice and the will and skill to engage with it consciously and to purpose.