Yogis NEVER Sleep

Lol – well sure we do! Early to bed and early to rise. Or sometimes late to bed, but definitely early to rise regardless. It’s a nature rhythm thing. The Indians even have a special word for that subtle moment which splits the night into day. It’s called the Brahmamuhurt and it’s a sacred timing that Indians all over the subcontinent rouse themselves up at for meditation. In my case meditation means tea and music and other gentle routines like tending the fire. But if there are legends around the yogin not sleeping much it’s for a very simple reason. It is because we are so absolutely happy to be awake!! And, we have a mission.

Seriously. Think about your own circumstance. When you are possessed of a mission, are you not also full of energy and drive to complete it? When you are completely happy and looking forward to the next day, is it not easy to wake up and get to it? Further, on a simple physiological level, we eat less, too. Our bodies are not weighed down overly much with the task of digestion.

Yes, there may be something to say about the mystical side, too; that the Lord gives me such grace, such beautiful health that my body is full of power and my mind full of light so I require less sleep than the average man, and this may be due to the devotion for my Lord and Lady, or my practices until this date, but really, the first paragraph is the absolute truth. It is the feeling to be alive that gives such an energy, like the cicada that wakes up one Spring morning and just flies and flies for joy until it dies.