What Does SAMADHI “Feel Like”

When you are in the second person, and I is with you, then We are. But when I Am with you, then only I Am.

When I Am, and I is, and We are together in harmony, that condition is said to be enlightened. A condition of understanding based on right knowledge and apprehension of the total reality, a condition of being based on a full personal individuation of all sheaths of being, an awareness beyond the dvandvas, the mutually opposing pairs.

The Wisdom King

When fear has been completely removed, when distinctions are without judgment, when quiescent, when happy, when still, when there is no longer the question, when clear, then you will know that Kundalini has risen.

When you are able to act with equanimity, without adding to the samskara of the 5 sheaths, when you are able to walk in the three worlds without hindrance and see equally in all ten directions, you will know that Kundalini has awakened.

When none of this matters to you at all, when either platform or five-star hotel will do, when all your job in this world is done and every remaining choice leads to the same conclusion, when Silence has become your best friend, counselor, mentor and mate, when God speaks to you, through you, as you, and you realize there is no difference between yourself and myself, then you will know liberation.

Enlightenment is verifiable; there are signs. The enlightened resides in equanimity but feels, remaining unattached to the feeling. The enlightened acts with purpose remaining unattached to the outcome. The enlightened discerns with perfect discretion because he has no attachment to judgment.

Enlightened shares its space with the light, easily traveling in the dark, choosing to be motivated, dispassionately, often for justice and education, in service of original innocence, in support of my fellow man. Such a man is supported by Nature and may appear as if possessed of miraculous powers not common to the passer by. Telepathic communication, spontaneous healing, disproportionate synchronicity of speech and external phenomenon, response of the lesser nature (animals, weather) and more; and most often the enlightened will enjoy Silence more than any of that, tranquilly abiding, waiting and watching.