Visualization Arts: Beginning & Advanced Techniques

Tantric visualization is an art used in Vajrayana Tantra, like yogic dreaming, wherein the imagination system, the mind’s real and empowered imaging system is enabled to manifest intention via a synchronization of intention and Natural law. This is an advanced practice.

The Jnana yogin (wisdom kings), on the path of devotion of the Great Mother Nature, raise Her energy within our own bodies, a process known as Kundalini rising. When the Kundal unfurls at the base chakra and begins to rise, She encounters three knots, called granthis. These knots of consciousness must be untied before Kundalini is completely free to rise into the 6th chakra at the third eye and unite with Her Lord, Shiva. The process of untying these knots is also an advanced practice.

Carl Jung once noted prolifically in a series of black books, ultimately to be combined into his popular little red book, his encounters with his own sub-conscious. Briefly, he described his dreams, day-dreams, flights of fancy, casual intuitions and basically anything to cross his mind-screen in an effort to look closely at this phenom called sub-conscious and its relationship to the entire collective un/consciousness. The practice of looking and seeing, gentle visioning, journaling, gently understanding, seeing within lightly; this is a beginning level practice and can be taken up immediately in your favorite rocking chair, to excellent benefit and as an aid to the overall strengthening of the visioning faculty. Good practice for what comes next.

Sit back. Eyes open or closed. Breathe however you like. Can you see the sun, the moon, the stars – anything at all, in your minds eyes? Can you make a picture? Play with that. And gently move the playground to the area you identify with your chakras. See what you see and playfully adapt the vision as you like. While there, bless yourself with love from on High. Because you’re there. Really.