For all intents and purposes the past is dead. Yesterday is gone. The past cannot be worked with any longer, though it lingers as impressions on the psyche, making nuisance in myriad ways.

The future is a blank sheet of paper; we can consciously create the impressions to come, to a certain extent. Still, it does not exist yet either.

So, in truth, it is only in this very moment that real work can be done. This is the Power of Now. All the potential is contained in the current moment and the yogin understand this to a different extent than someone who may not be versed in this line of thinking. All the potential. That’s huge! The next real question becomes, “what do you want to do with that?” In fact, “what can be done with that?” is also a pretty good question.

All this talk of infinity and oneness and beyond time lacks a lot of practicality. The lesson gets lost in the words.

The power of now is found in an awareness that is accessible to anybody with just a little thought training. The yogin call this training yoga, meditation or tantra.