Tarot for Integration & Healing

Knowing one’s needs, intellectual proclivities and feelings is integral to growth and fulfillment. 

When we are aligned and tuned in to our physical, intellectual and emotional needs, we create a healthy environment for this experience of embodied consciousness to deal with reality at every level. This is called reconciliation of the 3D on our way through the ascension process. Ideally, this relationship between the three primary aspects of our physical nature should be a source of consistency, predictability, and comfort, facilitating the spiritual journey and augmenting reality in terms that are both approachable and actionable in alignment with our vision and goals.

When we are unable to feel what we feel or know what we know, we become vulnerable to “shutting down the direct feedback from [our] bodies, the seat of pleasure, purpose, and direction” (van der kolk, 2014, p. 116). In other words, we shut down our intuition. When this happens, our inner sensations are ignored and we begin to fail to have a sense of agency over our bodies and mind.

Trump #14 is called Temperance in most decks, but Art in one deck in particular. Both titles allude to a similar end though. Balance and harmony. When the card is known as Art, however, the esoteric means to that end is revealed.

Tools of great play like the Tarot serve to anchor us in the present moment and invite us to tap into our visceral sensations and ultimately the truth of who we are. Cards like Trump #14 show us a great way towards developing intuition and self-regulation.

All of the Major Arcana cards are emblematic and represent archetypical themes influencing the life/spiritual journey. These archetypal themes remind us of Carl Jung’s contributions to the collective consciousness (he actually coined the phrase) with his lifelong research of the global wisdom traditions and how they apply to the analysis of the psyche (Real Shadow Work).

Tarot is at once a power outside of myself, used to give me direction and clarity, and at the same time, a vast power within me as well. Through the Tarot I gain access to my own intuition and bodily wisdom, as well as the inspiration of the Divine. The Tarot literally take the age-old axiom almost bordering on the cliché ‘all the answers are within me’ and bring that knowing into the light.

May the cards serve your own designs on health, intellectual and spiritual fulfillment equally well!