“Setbacks” On The Way To Enlightenment!

Of course there are setbacks. Even the path to the bathroom has setbacks if you awaken in the middle of deep night, blurry-eyed without a candle to guide you.

But try this exercise in Self-inquiry. Ask yourSelf: who is it that’s seeking the enlightenment? And is there really anything at all to be sought but recollection of our own true nature? Who is feeling set back? And from where? This feeling of having been set back is that which is veiling the enlightened being that is already you.

What is doing the comparing of a current state of being to a desired state of being? And who is viewing the comparison as it transpires?

Enlightened-ness is what you were before the impressions of education and experience took root. Enlightened-ness is what you will ever be, and this becomes more and more apparent as you wash off the attributes that you have assigned yourself. I am a David. I am a Yogi. I am a Father. I am smart. I have. I want. I must. I should, ad infinitum, ad nauseum, until we are literally sick to death and crying to be relieved of this illusion of suffering that we are always in the process of reinforcing.

Slowly. Gently. Acknowledge it. Let the Supreme I be the Witness of the little I’s machinations and give blessing, for the identity (some say ego) is not to be destroyed but to be forgiven its place. It is needed to live. But not to give it control. Not to forget YourSelf. And yeah, when the little you forgets, just let YourSelf remember again and keep on walking.