Self-Healing 101

Does this sound familiar?

How do I “self heal” I am so tired of people around me. I can’t stand family members or other humans. People are constantly rude, judging and mean. Even family members – I just can’t stand them at all. I don’t know what to do. I definitely can be uptight and stubborn, but I just don’t know how to loosen up. I am a very viby person who feels energy and mimics it off people. I feel so drained mentally and physically I feel tired. How do I heal myself?

Lost Soul

*Disclaimer: This brief blog piece is not a one-size-fits-all suggestion for everybody. Some people need a therapeutic approach – CBT, EMDR, GESTALT, Yoga-Therapy, etc. There are many excellent modalities. Healing is also not simply a heart-mind affair, but a physical one, too. There are so many different reasons why one might want or need to engage a healing modality. This piece is only speaking to one particular perspective. A perspective that offers you a choice, based in an essential recognition of freedom and capacities. Many are not strong enough to approach it from this angle. However, if you are one of those people though, you might like to consider the Health & Healing Challenge in my program library.

People approach ‘self-healing’ for a variety of reasons, of course. Traumatic upbringing, domestic abuse – too many reasons to consider. But professional therapy aside, let’s look at an approach to the above, through the lens of personal power, and perhaps we can take a hint as to how to approach our own personal self-healing needs.

First of all, do you really want to know the answer? I mean, are you prepared to act on the information, or are you just casually browsing? Because here comes the truth:

“SELF” Healing means it’s on you. You take control of you. You own your authority to create your self, your life and your destiny.

1. “I am so tired of people” = Stop being with people, or change your style of interaction to a way that energizes you. It’s on you, not them.

2. “I can’t stand family members or other humans.” = Stop being with family members, or change your style of interaction to a style that you can stand.

3. “People are constantly rude, judging and mean.” = You have NO AUTHORITY over people. You CAN’T CHANGE other people. Give up. Hang out with other people. Not all people are rude, judging and mean. Or, see #1.

4. “I just don’t know how to loosen up.” = Excellent observation. The first step to a healthy engagement with a needed rejuvenation process. R & R, consistently, good rest and nutrition consistently, satisfying engagement with work with plenty of breaks for yourself to have some FUN in between. There is another excellent 1.5-hour recorded program for your consideration if you’d like some assistance. It’s very cheap, highly approachable, and will ground you in the practicalities of R & R, if not perfect repose.

5. “I am a very viby person who feels energy and mimics it off people.” = STOP mimicking people. It’s a choice. Perhaps an engrained habit pattern, but you can unlearn that. Boundaries and intent counts for something. Learn to make conscious choices by familiarizing yourself with, strengthening and practicing with your personal capacities.

6. “I feel so drained mentally and physically I feel tired.” = Of course you do. And it’s time to make some changes, or concede that you will feel like this forever. Physical and mental tiredness can be remedied with proper care of the mind and body. On the mind level it means learning how to use the mind mechanism properly. Learning how it functions and why it functions the way it does. Learning the skillful means of engaging with it. Body tiredness means proper nutrition, exercise, rest. Properly digesting your emotions, meaning, acknowledging how you feel and owning your part in creating how you feel and making some decisions regarding how you will continue to feel, will play a large part in healing the body and mind, too.

That’s it. SELF-controlled healing 101.