“Pulling” Knowledge From the ASTRAL REALMS into the Physical

Every spiritual tradition offers some variation on the model of human psycho-physio dimensions. The above image is a conglomerate of several of those traditions.

The question how does one pull knowledge from the astral realms is a good one, particularly for the acknowledgement of the plural realms and not merely a singular astral realm as is often talked about in discussions on projection and whatnot.

To answer the question, some basic common-sense should be acknowledged first. For instance, one should consider how nutrients are pulled from food when nurturing our physical sheath. Then analyze how we pull knowledge from a book or a conversation. Stop a moment and really consider. Can you put it into words? Can you explain to yourself in a few lucid sentences that process of pulling knowledge from a book? If so, read on.

How does the empath pull? That psychic sense that allows for feeling across the gulfs which separate individuals? How do the emotional fields mix when they overlap and juxtapose? Is the empath able to integrate? Synthesize? Realize? Make use of the psycho-feedback – that’s another story altogether. How does it happen? How does a light bulb pull energy from a socket? How is the energy delivered? How is the energy createdWhat is that energy?

And on and on we go through the astral. How do we intuit? How do we perceive?

There are precisely as many senses as there are dimensions to sense.

And there is the overarching sensory apparatus of the over-soul, that which we yogin call Self. Self is a mighty sense machine, a super computer, able to pull and deliver data from every dimension and direction in order to further the operations of the mundane instrument called me. How?

Still the body, through fasting (digestive processes, etc. slow down), through meditation and relaxation >>> the mind becomes identifiable and workable, usable, malleable, impressionable, useful, strong.

Still the mind, through meditation and direction, focus and concentration (by the conscious overseer of the mind) >>> emotion becomes identifiable and quiescent.

Still the emotion, the mind is now Your subject.>>> Intuition and insight become identifiable, usable. The subtle voice can be heard.

Still the intuition, the imagination, the intellect and the emotion >>> the Will of the Heart shines through. The glow is felt like the heat of the Sun on the skin. The energy is absorbed through the lower senses like the UV rays of the sun are absorbed into the body. Like the body creates vitamin D from cholesterol when exposed to the light, so is the intellect enabled and empowered by the presence of an unveiled Will.

Still the Will >>> You are now of sufficiently expanded awareness to glean the potential of Self, practically, to either pull or deliver in any direction or dimension You so chooses, for any physical or intellectual pursuit imagined, intuited or decided.

Still the awareness >>> You falls away into the Void of Silence wherein as by osmosis, the Universal Intelligence is pulled into the Self and merged into One where all pulling and delivering stops.

You bring it all back to earth with memory and recollection in very much the same way as DNA is imprinted with the knowledge of other lives and familiars. Retrace the stilling steps to access and make practical use of what has come to be known.

And remember, like any dream, physical or energetic, to get at the root and succeed at interpreting it properly and bringing something to physical manifestation, you may need to do a fair bit of objective research. If interested, take a look at how I followed on particular thread of thought in a recent lucid dream experience.