On the Use of Psycho-active Substances to “Bend Reality”

I drank several bowls of the most putrid tasting ayahuasca juice once upon a time, searching for an experience of something other than what I am. All I got out of it was the strongest hankering for bananas. I don’t know, must’ve connected with my monkey mind. But then I wondered about what the proper neuro-physiological response should’ve been, in light of the fact that all nature products have their correlation with the human nature at some level; it’s really only the synthetics that leave scars, on the liver, the brain, etc.

I find that the crystal clarity and potential for real presence that comes from being completely clean, viz. as little sensory stimulation as possible – fasting for a week or two – no tobacco – complete detox – coupled with intentional living, mindful living, intentional meditation or real Silence, are for me the fundamental pillars of successful, fulfilling life operations on every level, physical and metaphysical.

But where I appreciate THC, for instance; one small puff in the wee early hours of the morning, by the fireplace, will open my creative doors for a moment and allow for an augmentation of my natural inclinations in that direction. And I can really work with that to conscious purpose and design.

I think that last is a really important piece of information for people to get, that whether you’re doing ayahuasca or peyote or mescaline or grass, they’re all going to connect with your own condition, physical and psychological, and will show you precisely where you are on the wheel of life at this moment. Cellular memory appears to be a thing, just as Jung’s collective unconscious appears to be a thing, and Leary’s Doors appear to be entrances to the Kabbalist’s paths on the Tree of Life and different substances and ways of being will take you in any direction at all and open you up to really vast physical and mental possibilities within our commonly defined 4-dimensional reality, beyond to String Theory’s 10d model and further through the dimensions and in the directions outlined in traditional wisdom teachings like Yoga. But the experience shouldn’t be pushed too hard. Everything’s got it’s place and it’s nice to have a guide, a guidebook and a map sometimes. Even better sometimes is to have a goal in mind.