Loving Awareness & Attachment To The Past

You can’t just let go of the past. It happened. It’s there. It’s etched in your memory and impressed into your psyche. It has done heaps to create the present you.

You can’t repress it because it will still remain and resurface anyway. The only thing a conscious person can do is Create Now. And work towards a future in alignment with the current vision, now. Sadhana. Real Yoga. And as I work on now, my attachment to now grows stronger. The impressions that attach themselves to my psyche gain strength and what was past begins to fade, because it really has passed, and I’m no longer attached to it as strongly as I am attached to my mission, now.

How can I be loving awareness? What is that? There’s no such thing as loving without condition. Maybe Jesus loved the guy who put the spear in his ribs. Maybe. We can’t really know that. It sounds good in theory, but my own Guru would rage at the injustices in the world, and I personally would be more inclined to maim a man who set violence against my daughter, but I guess that’s a conscious choice, too. There would be a certain satisfaction in that vengeance.

What’s loving awareness? I protect earthworms wandered into the sun and cry inwardly when people I’m attached to suffer. I am grateful to be alive and ‘love’ to be here. But I’m not Buddha, nor do I want to be.
What does loving awareness look like to you? Let me know in the comments.