Energy Arts: Where Can I Find A Legit School?

Energy artistry is something every human being is born to and carries out one way or the other all the time. Learning to wield it to conscious and purposeful intent is another story.

Clearing your field of enough debris and empowering yourself to such an extent that your practice actually has a tangible effect, is yet another story. Expanding your circle of awareness to the level of weather, animal or even government influence is an entirely different set of cupcakes!

Are there legit schools of magical practice? You betcha! You’ll find every other man and his second cousin offering a Reiki Certification for a couple of bucks. Check Udemy – 150 classes offering certification from real live certified Usui Reiki Masters who may have even studied under Master Usui in Japan themselves. Determining legitimacy is, however, a real concern.

It’s well known that the CIA has analyzed and acknowledged energy healing, remote viewing and other metaphysical operations; the results of these analyses are public domain.

A lot of “believers” in the various metaphysical groups, however, suggest that it’s a conspiracy that these subjects have not become more mainstream. The only reason the full disclosure of these results has not reached the nightly news is simply that anything that involves interaction and operation outside our 4 common dimensions is not yet entirely replicable at will under controlled circumstances.

I think physicists have the same issue with not being able to nail down how observation interacts with observed systems. Some work is just a bit too fragile at this point to be made mainstream; It’s not a conspiracy. It’s old news that these subjects are being researched at all levels.

Non-local healing has been a buzzword for over a decade with real research going on at places like Stanford and Oxford. Nobody’s hiding anything so that big pharma can profit, it’s just that energetics are not as reliable to control high blood pressure, diabetes and cure disease etc. as much as pharmaceuticals are. Further, the global population is in need of real education, training and practice in these arts/sciences, not to mention lifestyle re-education. There’s a real need to be able to discern the difference between what’s real and doable in this realm, and what really is pseudoscience, quackery and simple, fantastic imagination.

Good teachers and schools abound; mastery is not as scarce as all the noise might lead one to believe. But one needs only look as far as the rainbow gathering on FB to know that absolutely every flavor of teaching and teacher exists and that a discriminating pallet is well-advised in the fast-food world of social media.

But energy artistry is something that you yourself can learn and master through trial and error, with guidance from your own inner Guru via your personal meditation, or a few tips from any of those teachers who teach you – you pick and choose the lessons that resonate and that you can work with to accomplish your aims.

The Yogin hold a unique perspective of the “not my will but Thy Will” axiom in this regard. When a Jnana Yogi dances the Tandava, the Divine Dance of the Gods, that Yogi, or Yogini, takes on the God(dess)-form personally and delivers the Will of Heaven in accordance with the Time. This is a high and mighty construct deep with love, devotion and abject humility. These feelings are one of the esoteric keys to effective energy artistry.