How To “Read Auras”

Let me show you how to read your own aura by looking in a mirror. When the aura is read, it isn’t the colors of light that are integral to the reading, it’s the intuitive interpretation of the meaning. At the beginning of your search for clarity, you don’t want to over-burden yourself with too many opinions from strangers who are often carrying their own baggage and which may easily cloud such interpretations. It will always be much more advantageous for you to be able to do your own readings, whether with cards, basic application of intuition or via any other medium that helps you acquire insight into yourself. I prefer meditation, journaling and research of what arises from within, but this post is for you who want to approach your analyses visually. First have a mirror before you that allows you to be comfortably seated without holding it and which allows for a full view of your head and shoulders.

  1. Focus your eyes on a point in the center of your forehead.
  2. Let your eyes go slightly out of focus, like when you’re looking at an object and relax the eyes and suddenly you see double.
  3. Keep the eyes relaxed and unblinking as much as you can. Soon your mirror image will begin to change subtly. Allow your imagination to play games with the shape the face starts taking.
  4. Don’t create a story around the vision.
  5. Watch carefully, bringing your eyes back to the unfocused condition every time you naturally tend to start refocusing.
  6. Take a mental note of the impressions you are getting, the feelings, sounds, smells and colors.
  7. Finish the operation and take some notes. You may need to repeat and practice.
  8. There’s no right and wrong to this. What you sense is what’s important. Nothing is too fantastic. If you’re successful the first time around, do it again another day anyway. Your sub-conscious sends signals through your intuition depending on mood, thoughts, temperature – all sorts of stuff.
  9. You may have gifts that are other-sense oriented. You may catch sounds or even tastes. But generally it is the image that the face takes which will start to give you an idea. You won’t make a story, but a story will naturally unfold, like an intuitive dream.
  10. Start training yourself to sense and confirm with your notes what actually was ‘correct’ with your view, and what was just imagination, or a product of your own judgment.
  11. As you train yourself, you’ll start to be able to see or sense without any effort.

Energy artistry requires intention and focus. It’s not a matter of burning a bit of sage and mumbling a few words. We are energy beings living in an energy world. Energy arts require just as much attention as physical arts. Ignoring anything, physical, mental, emotional, energetic doesn’t make it go away. The effects grow, and worse, unconsciously.

Don’t trust anyone who offers a quick fix. Focus and implementation of technique to purpose is required on any path, whether lifestyle, health, finance, relationship or metaphysical operations. It’s all the same. Most people do not have the Will to do the real work, but if you’re one of the few who are really interested to master yourself and take destiny and the protection of your joy into your own hands, please reach out. I teach classes on self-mastery and offer one-on-one coaching as well.